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Ex. 3. Complete the sentences by using the following words. Use each word once only.


caption cartoon circulation comic strip crossword editorial feature gossip column headline horoscope obituary preview review supplement tabloid



1. The … at the top of the page said “TALKS FAIL”.

2. The newspaper has increased its … by 5,000 copies a day.

3. He was unhappy at some of the comments in the … of his latest film.

4. I always turn to the … first. I love reading about the private lives of famous people.

5. I like the … they’ve put below this picture.

6. I prefer a … newspaper because it’s a more convenient size.

7. They did a full-page special … on poverty in inner city areas.

8. She drew the political … on the front page.

9. I must read my … to see if I’m going to have a good day.

10. The critics went to a special … of the musical, which opens next week.

11. In his … it said he died of a heart attack.

12. The guide to the air show came as a free … to the local newspaper.

13. I only need one more word to complete the … .

14. If there’s an exciting … , people will keep buying the newspaper to see what happens next.

15. There was a short but effective … giving the newspaper’s opinion of the new defence policy.


ban claim forecast media publish novel bulletin brochure cover edition publicise manual


1. Over a hundred journalists will … the royal wedding next week.

2. The government has decided to … the sale of this book.

3. Both articles … that the economy will recover by the end of the year.

4. Both newspapers … to be the first to have learned the news.

5. The company has decided to … only paperbacks from now on.

6. Read the instruction … before using your new word-processor.

7. David Copperfield is an autobiographical … .

8. This is a party political … on behalf of the Always Right Party.

9. What time is the next news … ?

10. A first … of this book is worth a fortune.

11. The mass … in most countries are dominated by advertising.

12. I spent all of yesterday evening looking at this holiday … .

cartoons editorials circulation censorship sensational headlines views advertising gossip columns news agencies reviews entertainment correspondents

A newspaper makes its money from the price people pay for it and also from the (1) … it carries. A popular newspaper with a (2) … of over five million daily makes a lot of money. Less serious newspapers are probably read just for (3) … They have big (4) … above the news stories, funny (5) … to look at and (6) … photos of violence. The (7) … are full of stories of the private lives of famous people. No one takes the political (8) … of such papers very seriously. On the other hand, in a free country where there is no (9) … , serious newspapers are read principally for their news, sent to them by their (10) … round the world and by the big (11) … . People also read these newspapers for their (12) … of new books, films and plays and for their (13) … , which represent the opinion of the newspaper itself about the important events and issues of the moment.

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