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Hurricanesare one of natures many destructive forces. Hurricanes are seasonal storms and they happen in August and September. Hurricanes are huge tropical cyclones that originate over oceans near the equator, such as the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Usually they follow a parabola shaped path and sometimes do not reach any land at all. However, if they reach land, destruction of property is imminent. Wind speeds of a hurricane range from seventy to one hundred fifty miles per hour. Hurricanes cause numerous deaths in addition to the millions of dollars of property damage each year due to the intense winds and huge tidal surges.

One of the most destructive elements of a hurricane is the huge waves that are formed because of the strong winds and heavy rains. The worst hurricane in the United States was the one during the year of 1900 in Galveston Texas, where a hurricane swept a fifteen foot wall of water out of the Gulf of Mexico and into the city, washing away and killing six thousand people. About 90 percent of deaths during a hurricane are caused by drowning. A good example of hurricane was during the month of July 1998, when a huge mudslide that followed a storm in a little Himalayan village in India, killed hundreds of people.

Safety Tips: If you are ever living where hurricanes are likely to strike, you must prepare yourself for the worst, for they cause death and widespread property damage to most coastal towns and cities. Hurricane winds can tear down houses, forests and rains can flood the land. During the hurricanes you should: find a local shelter, stock up on canned food and fresh water, secure all outdoor objects, close up all windows and bring in all pets.

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