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«California Forests»

I:I know that California forests are in fire. Could you comment on the situation?

Exp:You are right. People say they haven’t had these fires for 40 years. Some time ago the scenery was marvelous; the trees, the nature – everything was beautiful. But now this fire element destroyed the beauty.

I: Many people are being evacuated. 400 firemen try to stop the fire. Do you know the reason?

Exp:Well, to my mind, it’s all because of terrible heat. The temperature is about 40 C. It’s a record. It may well be that the fire will move to Los Angeles, and then it will be a national disaster. This heat is really a big disaster. It does a lot of damage, ruins a lot of houses and kills a large number of people. What do we know about such natural disaster? Completely nothing. People are powerless and couldn’t be prepared for them. But one thing we can do – we should learn how to behave and what to do in such situation. Read more and be aware.

I:Thank you.


Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

1. What nature disasters do you know?

2. How do you think are they terrible for people? Why?

3. What are in fire according to the text?

4. What is this natural disaster?

5. What is the reason of such terrible heat?

6. What is the temperature of common heat?

7. Why is the heat a big disaster?

8. What should we do to be prepared for any natural disasters?


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