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Discuss with the partner.

There are two points of view presented in the text. Which one do you support? Do you agree with the American scientists that watching TV has unfavourable long-term effects? Can you give any examples from your own experience? Or do you think the way the British researchers do – that TV has an enormous educational potential used prudently? Why/Why not?

Discuss the problem described in the text above in two groups. One group are researches from the USA who claim TV poses health risks to children. The others agree that TV has a great educational potential if used properly. Make use of the following expressions.

to deprive of the social contact; to have behavioural effects on smb; to be vulnerable; to fail to check and control; to have an enormous educational potential; to use prudently; to depend on parenting; to challenge claims; to affect concentration levels; to have unfavourable long-term effects; to pose health risks to children; to use TV as a babysitter; to become a buffer; to have an educational benefit

106. As you can see from the text above, some people are sure that if used properly, television is one of the best educational tools. Do you agree with it? Are there any educational programmes you were fond of as a child? Would you like to have such in English?

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