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Eat your Greens.

Have you put 0) off changing the way you eat because healthy eating advice in the past has concentrated 1) … telling you what you shouldn’t eat? Well here’s the good news – there are many delicious foods 2) … you can eat more of – especially fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are full 3) … vitamins, minerals and fibre 4) … are needed to maintain good health.

Experts all agree that a healthy diet is low in fat, rich in fruit and vegetables and also in starchy foods 5) … as potatoes, bread, pasta and rice.

Most people need to double the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat, 6) … it be fresh, frozen or canned, to about 400g in 7) … to get the right balance. The easiest way 8) … doing this is to adopt a five-a-day rule. Potatoes should not be included 9) … your five-a-day total as they are classified 10) … starchy foods.

Many dieters find snacks to be their downfall 11) … trying to eat healthily. They find chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits all too convenient. But have you 12) … realised that fruit and vegetables are the ultimate “fast” food because they need 13) … preparation and can 14) … eaten raw? Try biting into a banana, a carrot 15) … even some dried fruit as an alternative.


IX. Give the Russian equivalents of the following proverbs and comment on them:

  1. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.
  2. Hunger is the best sauce.
  3. Every cook praises his own broth.
  4. Eat to live, live not to eat.
  5. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.
  6. Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.
  7. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
  8. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  9. Eating and scratching wants but a beginning.
  10. After dinner comes the reckoning.



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