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Introduction. The primary goal of higher education consists in formation of the creative person in the expert who is capable for self-development


The primary goal of higher education consists in formation of the creative person in the expert who is capable for self-development, self-education, innovative activity where it is necessary to transfer the student from the passive consumer of knowledge into the active creator, able to formulate a problem, to analyze ways of its decision, to find optimum result and to prove its correctness. Now reform of higher education is connected inherently with transition from a paradigm of study to a paradigm of formation. For today, preparation of the teaching aid in view of differentiated level approach, a professional orientation of texts and terminology of specialties became an objective reality.

This teaching aid is formed for the students of information technology specialties, who study on credit technology. The teaching aid consists of texts, grammatical exercises, interactive games, crosswords and multiple-choice.

All the exercises are aimed to improve students` speaking, reading and writing skills. Also, there are professional jokes to understand professional terms by a specialty better.

English grammar is quite difficult for a learner, that’s why there are a lot of grammatical exercises which can be very helpful for the students.

The aim of this teaching aid is to help the students to master all grammatical rules and use them in practice, to make better their pronunciation and reading skills. Professional terms are one of the most important points, which can grade up not only English in general, but also professional skills of the students.

English is one of the richest and beautiful languages. English language has the same lexical and grammatical, notably direct and indirect meaning as in Kazakh language. Words of this language have very many meanings, and some of them came from other ancient languages. Its vocabulary volume consists of complex, joint, short, main and auxiliary words. English has unusual grammatical and phonetic system. Sound system, its characteristic and amount are various.


Unit 1


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