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Writing. 1) At last I see _____familiar face


1. Fill in the articles:


1) At last I see _____familiar face. I’ve lost my way altogether. Could you direct me to ___ beach, please? 2) – Hello, you’ve been out for ___a long time. –Y es, I’ve been shopping. Here, would you please put ___milk into ___ refrigerator. 3) – Has ____repairman come? – Yes, here he is, busy with our TV-set. – Well, I don’t like him. I doubt if we’ll see ___ TV work again. 4) – Is this ___ school 24? – Yes. –Can I speak to ___ headmaster, please? 5) – Would you please come down off ___ fence. You should have ___ ticket to watch ___ football match. – Just ___ moment, sergeant. Let me find out __ score. 6) – Well, you’ve written ___ formula all right, but where is __ proof? 7) – How’s business? – Not too good, I’m afraid. I failed to get in touch with ___man. My people say he left ___ town yesterday.


2. Fill in the articles:


1) Now let me see what ___ next film is about. 2) This is not __ hat I asked you for. 3) Will you wait for me after __ end of __ match? 4) Didn’t I tell you not to play with __ boy? 5) Which suit would you like? – Show me __ black one, please. 6) Hello, Nike. I’ve bought all ___ things you wanted. 7) I’d like __ other pair of shoes. I don’t like ___ brown ones. 8. Don’t ask ___ girl. Ask __ one in the shoe department. 9) Don’t take __ book. Take __ blue one. 10) Don’t sign __ letter. Sign __ one in this folder. 11) Don’t open __ door. Open __ black door.


3. Put articles or pronoun some or any where necessary:


1) ___ coal is one of ___ most important natural resources of our country. 2) __ most common kind of ___ fuel used by man is ___ wood. 3) Put __ wood on __ fire. 4) __ silver is not so heavy as __ gold. 5) __ iron is __ metal. 6) __ iron ore found in that mine is of high quality. 7) Please cut __ grass in the garden. 8) Pour __ milk into the cup, please. 9) ___ milk which you bought in the morning has turned sour. 10) We make __ butter and ___ cheese from ___ milk.


4. Fill in the blanks:


After ___tour in ___ Austrian Alps they had gone to ___ Montreux to enjoy for __ day or two __ charms of __ Lake of Geneva. 2. Dusk was already falling on __noble curve of __ Thames. 3. I hear he is off to __ Central Africa. 4. In “Ivanhoe” Walter Scott describes __ England of __ Middle Ages. 5. Capetown is in __South Africa. 6. In __ heart of ___ Central Asia there lies __ Khoresm, __ small fertile land in __ sea of sand. 7. __ prospect ends in little hills that came nearly to ___ sea, ___ rudiments of __ Atlas Mountains. 8. We’ve been touring __ world… We tried __ South Africa…We lasted three days in __ Australia. 9. Have you ever been to __ United States? 10. Michael looked quizzically at his parent. Did he quite understand __ England of today?


5. Decide whether to use the definite article theor not. If you do not need the article the, use X.


My grandmother likes _____ flowers very much.

I love ____ flowers in your garden.

See you on _____ Wednesday.

I always listen to ______ radio in the morning.

Alex goes to work by _____ bus.

Don't be late for _____ school.

Listen! Dennis is playing _____ trumpet.

We often see our cousins over ______ Easter.

She has never been to _____ Alps before.

What about going to Australia in _____ February?


6. Decide whether to use the definite article the or not. If you do not need the article the, use X.


Last year we visited ______ St. Paul's Cathedral and_____ Tower.

_______ Mount Everest is ______ highest mountain on earth.

_______ Loch Ness is ______ most famous lake in Scotland

_______ most children like_______ sweets.

_______ summer of 1996 was hot and dry.

________ Plaza Hotel is on the corner of ______ 59th Street and _____ 5th Avenue.

My sister often stays at ______ Uncle Tim's in Detroit.

Our friends _____ Millers moved to Florida last August.

_______ smog is a problem in ______ big cities.

Our children go to _____ school by _____ bus.


7. Use a or an. Put the correct form of the indefinite article into the gap:


Lucy has _____ dog.

Let's sing _____ song.

Emily needs _____ new desk in her room.

I need _____ blue pen.

Ben has ____ old bike.

Peter has _____ aunt in Berlin.

We listen to ____ English CD.

She has ____ exercise book in her school bag.

The speed of this car was 160 miles _____ hour.

They finished _____ unit.


8. Use a or an. Put the correct form of the indefinite article into the gap:


There is _____ new English book on the desk.

She's reading _____ old comic.

They've got _____ idea.

He is drinking _____ cup of coffee.

The girl is _____ pilot.

Leipzig has ____ airport.

This is ____ expensive bike.

Look! There's _____ bird flying.

My father is _____ honest person.

My friend likes to be _____ astronaut.


9. Which article a or ancan be put before the following words or phrases? Write the words or phrases into the correct column:


English book, actor, cup of coffee, red apple, old car, honourable profession, daughter, order, animal, pet.


A an

Unit 3

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