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Agree appear continue disappear move reach show solve write

1. Research ……… that cycling can help patients overcome their illnesses.

2. The rabbit just ……… in my garden one day last week.

3. With this promotion, I feel that I ……… a turning point in my career.

4. Oh, no! My car ………!

5. Quite early in the negotiations, they ……… to lower the prices.

6. In 1788 he ……… his last great work in Vienna.

7. There’s not much more to do, now that we ……… the main problem.

8. Throughout the summer of 1980 Malcolm ……… to divide his time between London and New York.

9. When he was 13, his parents ……… to the United States.

Ex. 31

Answer the following questions:

1. Have you ever been to the Crimea? When were you there last? 2. Have you read anything by Dickens? Which of his novels did you read when a child? Have you read any of his novels lately? 3. Have you ever been to the theatre? What performances have you seen there? When were you there last? What did you see? 4. Have you ever traveled by air? When did you fly for the first time? 5. Have you written any composition this month? When did you write it? What mark have you got for it? 6. Have you taken any pictures this year? Was it in spring or in summer? Have you already developed the films? 7. How long have you lived in this city? When did you come to live here? 8. Have you ever tried your hand at translation? How much has passed since your first translation was published? Were you a success?

Ex. 32

Put a ☑ or correct the sentences. Mind the use of the Present Perfect and the Past Indefinite tenses.

1. Terry drove to Glasgow last week to visit his father.

2. I have known a woman once who had sixteen cats.

3. Ann Baker already did four radio interviews about her new book.

4. Julia felt hungry. Then she has remembered the salad in the fridge.

5. I’ll introduce you to Dr. Davies – or have you met her before?

6. We’ve had enormous problems recently with ants in the kitchen. We just can’t rid of them.

7. I have talked to her yesterday about doing the work.

8. They still live in the small house they have bought 30 years ago.

9. You have not yet explained clearly what you want me to do.

10. We lived in Newcastle for three years now and like it a lot.

Ex. 33

Look at each conversation and choose the best sentence, a) or b).

e.g. Have you heard about the woman walking across the US? ~ Yes, she's reached the Rockies. a) The walk is continuing, b) The walk has finished.


1 Have you ever played beach volleyball? ~ Yes, we played it on holiday.
a) The holiday is still going on. b) The holiday is over.

2 Did you know old Mr Green? ~ No, I never met him.

a) Mr Green is probably alive, b) Mr Green is probably dead.

3 Wayne Johnson is a great footballer. ~ Yes, he's scored 200 goals for United.

a) Wayne Johnson still plays for United. b) Wayne Johnson has left United.

Ex. 34

Choose one of these verbs and write Have you ever … or Did you ever …at the beginning of these questions.

be eat have hear learn meet talk think

1. Have you ever beenin a cave? 2. ………… durian (a fruit) when you lived in Malaysia? 3. ………… somebody really famous? 4. ………… what it must be like to be a cat? 5. ………… to play a musical instrument as a child? 6. ………… to Michael when you worked in the same company? 7. ………… a song called ‘Close to the Edge’? 8. ………… a pet when you were young?

Ex. 35

Translate into English.

1. – Де Петренко? Чому він не прийшов до університету? Я його сьогодні не бачила. Боюсь, що він захворів. – Ви помиляєтесь. Петренко тут. Він щойно пішов на лекцію. Але ви не можете з ним зараз поговорити, так як лекція уже почалась.

2. В цьому році ми багато читали. Ми прочитали декілька англійських книг в оригіналі. Я завжди любила англійську літературу. Я завжди була шанувальницею Байрона і Шеллі. Чи добре ви знаєте англійську літературу ХХ століття? – Я читала майже всі твори Голсуорсі, Моема, Кроніна. Романи Гріна я, на жаль, читала тільки російською мовою.

3. Ви були на виставці картин Реріха? – Так, я була там декілька разів. Я завжди цікавилась творчістю цього художника. Я ніколи не бачила нічого прекраснішого його пейзажів.

Ex. 36

Complete the sentences correctly:

This is the first time I (see this film).

That’s the eighth time you (sing that song).

This is the only time this week I (feel happy).

This is the third serious mistake you (make) in this job.

This is the only time I (ever see) you cry.

That’s the tenth cup of coffee you (drink) since breakfast.

It’s the first time all the family (be together) since Sue’s wedding.

This is the best meal I (eat) this year.

‘Excuse me.’ ‘That’s the first thing you (say) to me all day.’

These are the first clothes I (buy) myself since Christmas.

Ex. 37

Choose the correct tense (the Present Perfect or the Past Simple):

1) I (see) much of Al lately. 2) ‘Who’s she?’ ‘I never (see) her before.’ 3) I (do) a lot of stupid things in my life. 4) She (leave) school last year. 5) When you (get) married? 6) I’m sorry. I (not finish) yet. 7) I often (wonder) what he does for a living. 8) He (catch) the plane at eight this morning. 9) I (read) a lot of her books when I was at school. 10) (see) you any good films recently? 11) You (be) a beautiful baby. 12) I (not read) her latest book. 13) You (visit) India? 14) My great-grandmother (live) in Glasgow. 14) Columbus (not discover) America: the Indians already (know) where it was. 15) Amazing news! Scientists (discover) a new planet! 16) Who (give) Shakespeare his first job? 17) How many times you (be) in love? 18) I never (enjoy) a holiday as much as this one. 19) ‘you (hear) the thunder?’ ‘No, nothing wakes me up.’

Ex. 38

Put the bracketed expressions into the sentences and choose the correct tenses:

1) I (like) sport. (always). 2) I’m sorry for her. She (have) bad luck. (all her life). 3) I (want) to be a doctor. (until I was 15). 4) He (be) unemployed. (ever since he left school). 5) You (live) in this town? (how long). 6) I not (work) very hard. (when I was at university). 7) He was ill before Christmas, but he (be) fine. (since then). 8) I (have) trouble sleeping. (all this week). 9) I (have) trouble sleeping. (all last week). 10) I (learn) a lot. (in this job). 11) I (not learn) much. (in that job). 12) My boyfriend and I (know) each other. (for ages). 13) He (live) in Durban. (for a year before he got married). 14) I (spend) three days in hospital. (last month).

Ex. 39

Choose the correct tense form:

1) I (play) a lot of tennis this year.

2) She (have) six different jobs since she left school.

3) He (run) away from school three times when he was 14.

4) How many cups of coffee you (drink) today?

5) In those days, Andrew (come) to stay with us most weekends.

6) Shakespeare (write) poems as well as plays.

7) Since my brother lost his job, he (write) two books.

8) I’m not cooking today – I (cook) all the meals yesterday. In fact, I (cook) most of the meals this week.

9) Would you believe I (make) 23 phone calls today?

10) Our team are rubbish. They just (lose) 8 games one after the other.


Ex. 40

Replace the infinitives in brackets by the Present Perfect, the Present Indefinite or the Past Indefinite. Translate into Ukrainian.

1. You ever (to be) to this picture gallery? – Yes, I (to visit) it once when a youth, and the pictures (to make) a great impression on me. Since then I (not to be) here. 2. You already (to see) the new film? – Yes, I (to manage) to see it yesterday. I (to go) to the cinema in the evening and (to get) two tickets quite easily. 3. You always (to draw) books from our library? – Yes, as a rule, I (to draw). Last year I (to go) to another library but I (not to find) it as good as this one. I (to draw) books from here for some 10 months already. 4. I (not to see) anything of Jane lately. When you (to see) her last? – I (to meet) her two days ago. I (to think) that she (to change) very much. 5. You (to have dinner) already? – No, not yet. The waitress (to take) my order 15 minutes ago and (not to bring) me anything yet. 6. You ever (to see) Ruslana dance and sing? – Oh yes,I (not to miss) a single concert with her. I (to watch) always. She (to be) not only a splendid singer and dancer, but a good actress as well. 7. You (to bring) your bathing suit with you? – Yes, I am going to show how much I (to improve) since last summer. I (to take) some swimming lessons lately. Now it (to be) for you to judge if I (to make) any progress. 8. Where you (to get) this fine new bicycle from? – My parents (to give) it to me as a birthday present. – Let us go cycling this afternoon. I (to find) some really nice places in the vicinity. 9. The Egyptian civilization (to be) the oldest which (to leave) us art. It (to begin) about five thousand years ago. The story of Egyptian art (to cover) three thousand years and (to include) the art of different periods.

Ex. 41

Translate into English using the Present or the Past Indefinite, the Present Continuous or the Present Perfect.

1. Ви мене перебили, і тепер я не пам’ятаю, на чому я зупинився. 2. Я дуже радий, що він погодився з нашою пропозицією. 3. Ми щойно продали останній екземпляр цієї книги. Шкода, що ви раніше нам не сказали, що вона вам потрібна. 4. Ви даремно згаяли час на переклад цієї статті; вона не викликає зацікавлення. 5. Він ніколи не втручався в мої справи, і я йому за це вдячний. 6. Його ніяк не можна було назвати цікавим (curious), хоча він завжди охоче вислуховував інших, але сам майже ніколи не ставити запитань. 7. Ваш товариш уже розповів мені, в чому справа, і я думаю, що зможу допомогти вам. 8. Я не запитував його ні про що; він сам мені все розповів. 9. Він щойно телефонував на вокзал і дізнався, що поїзд ще не прийшов. 10. Я дізнався ваш телефон в довідковому бюро і телефонував вам декілька разів, але ніхто не відповідав. 11. Екзаменатори прийшли чверть години тому і викликали трьох студентів. 12. Екзаменатори уже прийшли; три студенти уже готуються відповідати. 13. Дощ уже перестав, і люди йдуть без плащів і парасольок. 14. Я ніколи не забуду вашу доброту. Ви завжди були такі уважні до мене. 15. Коли ми були студентами, ми завжди допомагали один одному. 16. Я знаю його багато років; він завжди був мені гарним товаришем. 17. Дуже радий з вами познайомитися. Я стільки чув про вас і давно хотів з вами зустрітися. 18. Де ви дістали цей чудовий килим? – Він у мене з тих пір, як я переїхав на цю квартиру. (Він у мене з тих пір, як я живу на цій квартирі.)

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