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Italicize titles of books, legislative and regulatory acts, journals, magazines, newspapers, plays, movies, works of art, and musical compositions, as well as names of ships, aircrafts, and spacecrafts.

The RF Law On the Fundamentals of the Russian Federation Tax System

In previous articles of Geophysics it was shown that...

The instruments on Skylab were more complex than those on ERTS

The Titanic had been explored previously.

Note that conference, meeting, exhibition, etc., titles should not be italicized. However, in references, а conference title is italicized, as is а book title.

Endings added to italicized words should be in roman type.

Five Moscow Tribunesand two Cosmopolitans

Note that the titles of books, periodicals, etc., are always considered singular even if they sound plural.

Episodes is a scientific journal

Italicize words and letters when referred to as words and letters. Do not put them in quotation marks.

The word receive is often misspelled. The g in align is silent.

Key terms in а discussion (especially when accompanied by а definition) are often italicized on first use. Subsequently, they are set in roman type.

Italicize all variables, except when they represent vectors or are Greek letters.

Italicize any foreign (especially Latin) word or clause if it is not in common use.

Latin names of genera, species, subspecies, and varieties (but not groups of higher rank, such as phyla, classes, orders, or families) are italicized. The name of the scholar who proposed а specific or subspecific name is added in roman type and sometimes abbreviated.

а thick-shelled American clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) but the family Hominidae

Quercus alba L. Viola sp Aureobastdium pullulans (De Bary)

In entirely italicized text, foreign words that are normally italicized should be typeset in roman. However, conventionally italicized scientific words (е.g., genus and species) should always be italicized

Numbers or lowercase letters referring to items within а figure (lines, curves, or other parts) should be italicized both in the figure and in text. Thus, in text: See curve 1. However, letters indicating а panel in а figure should be in roman type.

Segment а of the curve shown in Fig. la

Indices should be in italics if they represent variables, axes, etc., and in roman if they represent abbreviations of words.

Кi (i = 1, 2, ... 20) NA (А here denotes Avogadro's number)


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