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Вправа 2. Заповніть пропуски словами зі списку: what, courses, it’s, you, does, include, little, to highlight, to, field, school, because, for, fascinates.

There are two reasons to choose a major: to prepare for a specific ___ or job, or to immerse yourself in a subject that ___ you.

Some students choose a major because it will prepare them for a specific career path. Career–focused majors ___ engineering, business, or education. Other students choose a major simply ___ they love the subject. If you choose this path, you may pursue a career that has ___ to do with what you studied in college. Here are some ideas on how to start your search ___ the right major.

Forget high ­­­___. College is a whole new ball game. Subjects you hated as a high school student might turn out to be completely different in a new educational setting. Make the most of the general education ___ you’re required to take. Don’t just pick whatever’s easiest; choose ones that appeal to ___, even if they are upper–level courses. You don’t yet know what will really compel you.

Talk to your advisors. They know what it takes to tackle certain academic disciplines. Tell them your strengths and your interests. They’ll be able ___ courses that might excite you as well as classes that are popular with other students.

Check the syllabus. What are the assignments? The books? The requirements? Does the material seem compelling to you? If you start nodding off while reading the course catalogue, perhaps ___ best to cross that field off your list.

Ask upperclassmen. They are the real experts at your college, and they have faced the daunting task of declaring a major themselves.

Engage professionals in fields you find interesting. Ask them exactly ___ their jobs entail and how their careers do (or don’t) relate to their majors.

But the main thing to remember is that your major ___ not determine your life. You should choose a subject that interests you and that has some connection to the post-collegiate life you want to build for yourself. But keep the decision in perspective; you can always change careers or go back ___ school.


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