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Вправа 7. Складіть листа з розповіддю про свою країну, використовуючи активні слова та вирази (7–10 речень).


Lesson 14. Education in Ukraine

14.1. Розмовна тема. Освіта в Україні

G Active Vocabulary:

Pre-school education; compulsory education; fee-paying education; obligatory subjects; slant; optional courses; gymnasium; lyceum; extra-curricular activities; vocational training school; postgraduate education; applicant.

Present day independent Ukraine has a well-developed system of education which matches the standards of the developed countries. Pre-school education is not compulsory and is fee-paying. Most parents take their children to nursery schools or kindergartens at the age of 3. Up to the age of 5 children mostly eat, sleep and play there, but in senior groups they are taught the basics of arithmetic, reading, writing, and arts and foreign languages in some schools.

Compulsory secondary education begins at the age of 6–7 and is free in state schools and fee-paying in private ones. Some schools, especially those with language slant, have preparatory classes. Secondary education includes three stages: primary (1st – 4th grades), basic (5th – 9th grades) and senior (10th – 11th grades). Recently new types of schools have appeared: gymnasiums and lyceums. In addition, there are schools with advanced learning of sciences, computers, law, and art. All the subjects in the secondary schools are obligatory but there are optional courses that students of senior grades can take in addition to the required ones.

Extra-curricular activities usually include a variety of sports and drama clubs, interest groups and various school parties.

Those senior students, who want to get qualification alongside the secondary education, can go to vocational training school. Post-secondary education is provided by technical schools and colleges that train young specialists in different trades.

Institutions of higher learning (higher educational establishments) include universities, academies, institutes and conservatories. To enter a higher educatuional institution all applicants have to pass special tests in various subjects. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv National Technical University, Karazin National University, National Technical University “KhPI” and many others are among the best known higher educational establishments.

Postgraduate education begins after the last year of studies and usually results in a thesis on the chosen scientific theme and the degree of Candidate of Sciences. Doctor’s Degree is awarded for outstanding scientific research.

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