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We are family...

(two sisters tell the truth about themselves – and each other)

WENDY, the younger sister says:

I always thought Carnie was really cool. Especially when she was a teenager and had bright red hair. I desperately wanted to be with her and her friends, and sometimes I followed them, but she hated that.

When we were kids we both had a lot of material things like toys and clothes, but even then we knew that Mom and dad weren't happy. Our parents separated and we stayed with my Mom. And it was the thing that brought me and Carnie closer together. Nothing is going to stop us from being sisters.

CARNIE, the older sister says:

I sometimes think that poor Wendy has spent all her life competing with me. She was a very quiet, shy child, while I was incredibly talkative – I was awful! I wasn't interested in studying, all I wanted to do was parties, and Wendy used to tell my parents.

I was very jealous of Wendy also because she was more attractive than me. But she always defended me when other people criticized me. We were also very close and a lot of fun together.


Задание 2. К какой из сестер это относится? Напишите W(Wendy), если информация относится к Венди или C(Carnie), если к Карни.

Which of two sisters…

1. had a more eccentric hairstyle

2. didn’t want to be with her sister

3. tried to compete with her sister

4. wasn’t a good student

5. told her parents when her sister something wrong

6. was jealous of her sister

7. always defended the other sister


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