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Useful language for a salesman

· Greeting and offering help

Good morning. Do you need any help?

· Giving technical specifications (specs)

The computer has a processor running at 8.0 gigahertz.

The iMac has eight gigabytes of RAM. They feature a webcam built into the display.

The graphics card offers HDMI or DVI output.

RAM is expandable to two gigabytes. It all depends on your needs.

· Describing

Both computers are very fast and reliable.

· Comparing

The MacBook is more practical if you travel a lot.

PDAs are cheaper than laptops but laptops are more powerful and expensive.

Useful language for a customer

· Explaining what you are looking for

We're looking for a personal computer. Have you got any fairly basic ones? I’m buying a computer for running computer games.

· Asking for technical specs

What's the storage capacity of the hard drive? Do they have a DVD drive? What is the Operating System? Does the laptop have a Wireless Adapter? What type of Graphics Card is included? And which one has more memory? I mean, which has more RAM?

· Asking about the price, discounts, warranty, delivery.

How much do they cost? How much is it? How long is the warranty valid? Are there any discounts for the model?

12. The specs of two computers are listed below; use them to make up a dialogue:

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