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Semi-complex sentence

The semi-composite sentence is based on fusion of explicit (primary) and implicit (secondary) predication making the semi-predicative expansion of the sentence. According to the ranking structure, they are divided into semi-complex and semi-compound.

The semi-complex sentence includes a subordinate semi-clause into the dominant part on the principle of position-sharing and linear expansion, falling consequently into the following groups of semi-predication: subject-sharing built up by means of the two clauses overlapping around the common subject: e.g. She gave him a quick look, startled and bewildered. He stood looking around nervously. Her manner seemed a bit casual, full of light-hearted easiness. The company is said to be expanding on the West; object-sharing built up by means of the two clauses overlapping round the positions of the subject and the object: e.g. He found a lot of things changed after his arrival. Can you account for the chief making no remark about the problem? He intends to encourage them to study hard. I saw him slowing down his car and turning into a narrow street; attributive complication derived as fusion of the two clauses having an identical element attributively described in the semi-clause: e.g. The neighbour living next door made us absolutely annoyed. A little girl stood in the light falling from the passage. The baby left alone in the room began to scream. Conferences are held in the business-centre located close to the city centre; adverbial complication derived as fusion of the two clauses where the semi-clause is embedded in an adverbial position: e.g. Having been on the road since the morning, they were tired and thirsty. While browsing the books, I came across lots of amazing episodes. She looked down on him as if being superior because of his background. Not being sure of her intentions, he would never agree to back her up. Seen from the hills, the castle looks amazingly magnificent; nominal complication happens when a nominalised semi-clause is embedded in one of the positions of the principal clause: e.g. Being told off is resented by most teenagers. To move outside the home country is becoming easier. We have been wondering where to go and what to do. He had difficulties in controlling the situation properly.

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