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Note the way how the predicative centre is formed in the English simple sentence; take care of inversion. Highlight different types of the predicate and the subject.


The conference is due to start in the morning. At that time the phenomenon must have been given wrong interpretation. What will you be doing in two years’ time? The bedroom looks a lot tidier. Never have I heard such a lie in my life. They expected to be treated like human beings. The audience would be delighted to welcome all the guests. It is going to make a thought provoking reading. Little do we know yet about incurable diseases. There seem to be some other facts of big priority. We don’t have to pay taxes, do we? Luggage must not be left unattended. You oughtn’t to have tipped the waiter! Participating in the event will be David. He is not supposed to watch films for under-sixteens. Opportunities are given to people with initiatives. All this mess needs clearing away. Generally accepted today is the existence of genetic engineering. I hate having my hair cut. She appears to be a stunningly beautiful woman. Eventually, we had found the check in by the time of the announcement. They are always having arguments. Not a penny could he find in his pocket. Available at present is the information on general aspects of the problem. Do take a seat, won’t you? Before the bankruptcy the company had been losing the money for months. Taxes are to go up from next April. Following is an excerpt from his speech. How much does it cost to get tickets? Surprisingly, he is being very sociable today. I’m having a lot of guests around tonight. His story sounds great. Haven’t you put those shelves up yet? Only after a short break did they take a decision. There has been a lot of work. Are you likely to see her in the near future? The assumption was accepted for the purpose of the experiment. It has been proved by a great number of findings. Based on statistics is the work requiring exact figures. The snow fell soft and gentle on his face and hair. Seldom does a politician perform well. It has been sleeting heavily for the last few days, but it has not been freezing.

2. Point out the forms of secondary parts of a sentence, with a special focus on possible Russian equivalents:

a) objects: direct, indirect, prepositional:

She smiled an encouraging smile. I’11 tell you no lies. You should insure your camera against theft. The hotel supplied us with a packed lunch. She is very good at cooking. She had to explain the whole affair to everyone. He wanted to arrest a criminal red-handed. Can I add something to your list? That energy crisis requires both economic and technological efforts. At the party they will be giving nice gifts to her. Fetch a file for me, could you? The hostess divided the pudding into four portions. She promised nothing just keeping the promise. They are responsible for the damage in the equipment. They consider the ecology problems during the discussion. Ask me no questions. The new scheme is being decided on economic grounds. The current situation forces new forms of cooperation. Let me read this news item to you. They take him as a promising scientist. Do you take pride in your appearance? I have been deserted by all my friends. He is very jealous of my new car.

b) attribute: restrictive, non-restrictive, appositive:

The job suggests a three-year experience. Chemistry professor was a small, dreamy-looking man, gentle and kindly in manner and usually completely absent- minded. The work to be done takes up a lot of time and energy. It was the hour of sunset, unnoticed in cities, so beautiful and solemn in the country. We were quite impressed by relaxing soothing atmosphere of the party. These are valuable Australian postage stamps. They must be bothered about the rights of disadvantaged people. We have been expecting this worrying news. Most issues revealed a growing interest in the current situation. I did not like the far-fetched plot of the story. His only daughter Edna, a teacher of French at High School, kept house for him. We evidently see the necessity of the relationship between society and science. He appeared to be bullying, self-important and with a big head at times. This question needs good knowledge on the subject. The used methods proved to be very effective. The senator was Frederick Prentice, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a power in his party.

c) adverbial modifier: time, location, reason, result, condition, concession, manner, attendant circumstances, purpose, comparison:

That very evening I came across her at a party in my friend’s house. She stepped aside to let me pass. I didn’t spill my coffee on purpose. Read the text thoroughly. With all her faults, she was quite charming. I was lucky to find the solution by accident. Do you mind using this saucer as a plate? You can keep this book until next week. Try not to make noise during the meeting. In spite of a long pause, the speaker got down to another item. The passengers had to stand in the queue. Are you close enough to see properly? These are really luxurious apartments set in this absolutely magnificent seaside resort. To win the world title the team had done a lot of training every day throughout the winter. She waited impatiently in the departure lounge. Could you confirm that in writing? Though terribly exhausted he went on with the experiment. Another letter has been sent in order to get further details. Nature is being damaged by man, with unpredictable impact. She walked away rapidly, without her coat on. The company wants us to pay for the goods in advance. The situation is too complicated to be neglected. Despite stressful atmosphere he answered openly and willingly. He was too annoyed to reply immediately. He hesitated a moment before the bridge. Because of its originality the innovation is of interest. But for the disease he would have entered the contest. They showed their boredom by empty indifferent eyes. He strolled about the garden as if looking for something. He has never been into it since his adventure.


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