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Read and translate the following dialogues. B: Yes, I'm looking for a sweater.



A:Can I help you?

B: Yes, I'm looking for a sweater.

A: What size are you?

B: I'm an extra large.

A: How about this one?

B:Yes, that's nice. Can I try it on?

A: Certainly, the changing rooms are over there… How does it fit?

B: It's too large. Do you have a large?

A: Yes, here you are.

B: Thank you. I'll take it.

A: OK, how would you like to pay?

B: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes, we do. Visa, Master Card and American Express.

B: OK, here's my Visa.



A: Good morning, can I help you?

B: Well, I’m looking for a pair of shoes. Size 6.

A: What colour would you like?

B: Black, I think.

A: I can offer you this pair of leather shoes.

B: They look wonderful. May I try them on?

A: Sure. How are they? Aren’t they tight?

B: Quite comfortable. They are not tight, but the heels are too high, I’m afraid.

A: Do you want them for a special occasion?

B: Oh, yes. My friend’s wedding.

A: It’s a very good quality. I really don’t think you can find better anywhere else.

B: The price seems rather expensive. 150 €… Anyway, I’ll take this pair.




Shop Assistant: Can I help you?

Customer: I’m looking for a skirt.

SA: All the skirts are on sale today. They are 25% off. What size are you looking for?

C: I wear a size 6.

SA: What color do you like?

C: Maybe light blue or pink.

SA: Okay. How about this one? The pink and white stripes match your blouse.

C: I don’t like stripes. I would like a skirt without stripes.

SA: Okay. Let’s see. Here we have a hot pink skirt. Do you like this one?

C: Oh yes, I do. Oh, what about this blue one? This is a beautiful skirt. Can I try the pink and the blue skirts on?

SA: Of course. The dressing room is behind the cash register on your left.

C: Thank you.


The customer comes out of the dressing room wearing the pink skirt.


SA: Oh, that skirt fits you very well. Did you try on the other skirt, too?

C: Yes, I did. But it doesn’t fit. It is too tight on my waist. I like this one very much. How much is it?

SA: Regular price is $58. It is $43.50 on sale.

C: That’s a good price. I’ll take it. Where do I pay?

SA: How will you pay? Cash or credit card?

C: In cash, I think.

SA: It’s $43.50. Thank you. Have a nice day.

C: Thank you. Good-bye.


SA: May I help you?

C: Yes, I'm looking for a pair of trousers.

SA: What color would you like?

C: Black.

SA: And what size are you?

C: I'm not sure. 32, I suppose.

SA: How about these trousers?

C: What material are they?

SA: Wool.

C: Have you got anything in cotton?

SA: Yes, these ones.

C: Can I try them on?

SA: Of course. The fitting room's over there.

C: They're a little long. Have you got anything shorter?

SA: These are shorter.

C: I'll take them.



C: Excuse me, how can I get to the women's department?

SA: Over there, on the right, madam, just near the linen department.

C: Thank you.

SA: What can I do for you?

C: I need gloves.

SA: What gloves would you like: leather or suede?

C: I haven't made my choice yet. What could you advise?

SA: I think these suede gloves are good. And their colour is very nice. You can try them on.

C: Thank you and the size is just mine. What about the price?

SA: It’s 75 €.

C:It’s a bit more than I expected, but I’ll take them.

SA: You won’t regret! Thank you for shopping!

C: I hope so! Good-bye.

SA: Good-bye. Come again!


A: It’s a wonderful shop!

B: It is. I always do shopping here. Here is the shopping list. Let’s go to the meat counter.

A: What shall we buy?

B: We want some beef and chicken. You know I can’t do without meat.

A: I’m fond of dairy products.

B: Look! The chicken is splendid and the beef is of superior quality. Now let’s go for dairy products.

A: All right. Here are the eggs, butter, milk, sour milk and cream.

B: What’s next on the shopping list?

A: I think juice. Let’s buy apple juice.

B: Here it is. The lemons and oranges look fine. Let’s have some.

B: Okay. Our cart is full up. Let’s go to the cash register.


SA: Good morning, lady. Can I help you?

C: Morning, yes, please. I’m looking for grapes. Have you got any?

SA: Yes, certainly. Extremely tasty.

C: I’d like three bunches, please.

SA: Here you are. Anything else?

C: Yes, one pound of lemons, a dozen of oranges, two pounds of raspberry and a pineapple, please.

SA: Is that all?

C: Yes, it is. How much is that?

SA: That is $10.45.

C: Thank you very much. Good bye.

SA: Good bye.


A: Where is the shopping list? Have you got it?

B: Me? What do you mean? Mum gave it to you. Don't you remember?

A: Oh, no! I've lost it!

B: You're so absent-minded. Well, take it easy. Let's think what we need.

A: I'm sure we've run out of milk, butter and bread.

B: What else? Oh, look! Let's get a tin of pineapples.

A: Mum didn't say a word about it! But...

B: Don't be so dull! Now we'll get a bottle of milk, eggs, bacon and tea.

A: Don't forget about marmalade! How about having an ice-cream?

B: It's a good idea.


Nancy: Hi Cheryl! Are you ready to visit a department store with me?

Cheryl: Hi, Nancy! Yes, sure. Where do you want to go?

Nancy: First of all, I want to take back these jeans and to get a refund for them. They don't fit me at all. Secondly, I need to take this phone to waranty repair. I bought it a month ago and it doesn't work. I guess, that's all.

Cheryl: Wow. We have a busy day. Oh, well. Let's do that. What did you say was first on your list? The jeans store? I think, it's right here, on the ground floor of the mall.

Nancy: Yes, that's the shop. Excuse me, where can I get the refund for these jeans? I bought them yesterday at your shop and when I came back home, I realized they didn't actually fit me well.

Shop assistant: One moment, please. I'll call the chief manager. She is responsible for refunds. Here she is.

Chief manager: How can I help you, ladies?

Cheryl: My friend would like to get a refund for these jeans. She bought them at your store yesterday and then realized they didn't fit her.

Chief manager: I see. Do you have the receipt with you?

Nancy: Yes, I do. Here it is.

Chief manager: I will also need your ID, miss, to fill in the Return form.

Nancy: No problem. Here you go.

Chief manager: All right. You'll need to sign here and here. And wait a minute, please. I'll get the refund.

Nancy: Thank you very much.

Cheryl: Ok. What's next?

Nancy: I need to visit the store of mobile phones on the second floor.

Cheryl: Ok. Let's ask them, if they can repair your phone.

Nancy: Excuse me, who can I speak to about the waranty repair procedure?

Shop assistant: You may talk to our manager. He is at that corner stand.

Cheryl: Thank you.

Manager: Hello! How can I help you?

Nancy: Hello! I bought a mobile phone at your store a month ago and something is wrong with it now. I was wondering if it can be repaired as there is a one-year waranty for this phone.

Manager: Let's see. Do you have a waranty check with you?

Nancy: Yes, sure. Here it is.

Manager: We can offer a week's examination and then we can contact you.

Nancy: That's fine. I can wait.

Manager: In that case I'll need your full name and contact information.

Nancy: My name is Nancy Blair. My e-mail is nancyblair@hotmail.com

Manager: Thank you. We'll contact you as soon as possible within a week.


Shop Assistant: Are you being served?

Mother: No, I'd like to buy a light summer dress for my daughter.

Shop Assistant (addressing Jane, a slim eighteen-year old girl): What size do you wear?

Jane: I don't know exactly. 8 or 10 maybe.

Shop Assistant: What do you think of this pale-blue one, made of silk.

Jane: The dress is not bad, but it's slightly out-of-fashion. Besides, the cut is not perfect, the skirt is too long, the collar looks awful and so do the sleeves. And I don't quite like the colour. I'd like to have a look at this pink one.

Shop Assistant: Just a moment! Well, here you are. The size is yours.

Jane: Thank you greatly. Can I try it on?

Shop Assistant: Certainly, you can. This way, please. (In the fitting-room Jane puts the dress on and looks at the mirror.)

Jane: What do you think, Mum? Isn't it terribly pretty? The cut is fantastic, the colour is raving.

Mother: I'd rather say fabulous! It’s really becoming to you! But, it's a bit loose on you. You look incredibly thin as though you're dying of hunger.

Jane: Mum?!

Shop Assistant: Oh, please, don't say so. It fits her perfectly. Take my advice and buy it.

Mother: How much does it cost?

Shop Assistant: $150.

Mother: It isn't very cheap, is it?

Shop Assistant: But the dress is the last fashion collection. Don't you want your daughter look smart?

Mother: Do you really think so?

Shop Assistant: I’m sure of that. By the way we’ve got a big choice of belts.

Jane: Wow, what a nice thing! It’ll match my shoes, mum! Let’s buy this belt, too.

Shop Assistant: Actually, it’s on sale now. It’s really a good deal!

Mother: Well, where is the cash desk?

Shop Assistant: This way, please. Good luck.

Jane: Thank you, mum! I love you so much!



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