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E. English-Russian translation

Translate these sentences from English into Russian.

1. If we manage our knowledge sharing efforts in an optimal way, we should, however, be able to increasingly utilize global knowledge across the company and in new, varying way.

2. Knowledge sharing will support the broadening and strengthening of value chains as well as value propositions to customers.

3. The company will do by focusing on information sharing about services, easing access to service descriptions, easing access to service managers and experts, and sharing best practice examples to follow.

4. A particular opportunity has been identified in the use of open source knowledge sharing, this way of developing and sharing knowledge be further explored in the period ahead.

5. The business processes are numerous and complex, therefore, a set of generic processes and business impacts have been identified as key targets for knowledge management efforts.

6. Many international companies have moved some of their manufacturing abroad, in a part to cushion themselves against currency fluctuations.

7. Business coaches often help businesses grow by creating and following a structured, strategic plan to achieve agreed upon goals.



F. Meanings

Match these terms with their meanings (more then 1 meaning for each term).


1. Weaknesses a) global knowledge (thought leader positions)

2. Opportunities b) lack service overview and difficulties finding

the right people for a job

3. Strengths c) competitors are also moving/first-mover issue

d) current networking without clear business

linkage and efficient follow-up

4. Threats e) Intranet not designed for one company


f) strong (local) expert environment and

network structures

g) existing (local) KM activities and tools

h) employee demand for knowledge sharing

i) support full service provision

j) common systems, tools and concepts

facilitating knowledge sharing and efficient

work procedures

k) financial crisis leading to "silo-thinking"

short term solution and lack of investment in KM



G. Discussion

In groups discuss issues of each approach to management.

1. Explain the key business processes and impacts (job engagement, mobile workforce, winning projects, delivers quality, innovation, full service provider, customer value). Show some companies’ examples in your country and abroad. See the picture below.

2. Role of the knowledge management in support of key business processes and impacts. Give any instances of domestic and foreign companies.

3. The knowledge framework is built up of series of interlinked elements such as people, customers, networks services, projects, fundamentals. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?



H. Correct the order of the extracts

a. At the same time, we recognize that sound knowledge management is more than a differentiator - it is a basic requirement, if we want to reach the goals we have set up for our company.


• Cross-fertilization - that we learn from each other, e.g. by transferring methods/ tools from one area to another

• That we work smarter and re-use or introduce proven concepts

• That we are able to advance in the value-chain and thereby gain premium fees for our services

• That we spot new and innovative working methods/ tools and are able to quickly apply these across the entire company wherever applicable.

• That we able to act with agility and speed in our transfer knowledge and know-how.

c. The business processes are numerous and complex. Therefore, a set of generic processes and business impacts have been identified as key targets for our knowledge management efforts. These include: winning interesting and challenging projects; delivering quality services; providing innovative solutions increase customer value.

d. Our knowledge sharing efforts and the way we manage our knowledge should always be in direct support of our business processes. Thus, we share knowledge because it improves our business processes and our success in the market. Knowledge Management may also serve as a differentiator, through enabling:



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