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Ex 18 Fill in the blanks with a suitable word. Use the correct form. Translate the sentences into Russian


spoil (3), spend (2), interrupt (2), hurry u, n; admire, admiration, prepare (2), afford, miss u (2), lie и (3), rise v, raise (2), cut v, mention v, art, price (2), expensive, chance (2)


1. I was eager to say my word in the general discussion but they never gave me a —, they were — me all the time. 2. The sandwiches were — and — on the plate. Now she could start making the tea. She had her own special way of — it. 3. There was no hope of agreement. Hours were — in useless talk. 4. His temperature suddenly —. He was told to — down and keep the bed for some days. 5. We all — the way the girl stopped the argument without even — her voice. 6. I fully agree with you that as a book it is quite worthless, but it was made into a beautiful film, a real work of —. 7. The plan was discussed and agreed upon last week. Nothing can be changed, so why — the question again? 8 Somebody pushed him and the coffee was all over his shirt. The shirt was — so was the tie. 9. The post office stands at the corner of the street, you can't — it. 10. The bell gave a loud ring and she — out of the room to answer the door. 11. The — was too high. I couldn't — such an — camera at the moment. Well, I would have to do without it a little longer. 12. The painter was spoken of with —. 13. My friend had clearly left in a —. His things were — all over the room. 14. It was a wonderful — and I didn't want to — it. 15. Too much salt will — any dish. 16. The dress was very pretty and cheap at the — too, but she had already — a lot of money on herself as it was. 17. The vacation was — for them by the heavy rains. They weren't at all — for such weather. 18. Don t you know it's bad manners to — people? 19. The incident was spoken of in a general way. No names were —.

Ex 19 Replace the Russian words and phrases by suitable English equivalents in the correct form. Retell and discuss the story.


Miles Wakefield (торопился) to get to the house of this Arnold Blair. Blair's advertisement was published in all the daily papers and he (был уверен) that others had seen it too. Blair had a Balzarini (для продажи), and he (продавал картину дешево). The (цена) was only $75. Miles (не мог себе позволить упустить) such a wonderful (шанс). Не knew he could (продать) it later (no гораздо более высокой цене).

Balzarini, of course, was no great master, but his sunny landscapes (вызывали восхищение у многих).

Не had to ring (no крайней мере) three times before the door was opened by a boy of about sixteen. (Было что-то странное) about this boy. He (выглядел расстроенным). Miles had the (чувство) the boy wanted to tell him something, but could not make himself do so.

Before the boy could (решиться), a deep voice was heard from somewhere in the house: "Who is it, Davey?"

Miles (прошел вслед за) the boy into a small living room. A tall, white-haired man (встал) from his chair as Miles and Davey entered. Miles saw (сразу же) that the man was blind.

"I (полагаю) you want (приступить к делу)?"

"(He возражаю). I hear you have a Balzarini."

"All right, Davey, (ты нам не понадобишься) for some time."

It was clear that the old man didn't want the boy to hear them discuss the (деловое соглашение).

"It's my last (надежда)," said the old man. "I (отказывался продать картину) many times, until now. (Мне ее будет не хватать. Но мне очень нужны деньги.) Come, it's in the next room."

Miles (последовал за) the old man into the next room. A second later (к ним присоединился) Davey.

"There!" said the old man. "My Balzarini!"

He showed to the opposite wall. Hanging there was a plain black frame. (За) the glass there was nothing.

Miles (поймал) the boy's look. It (был полон) sadness.

"A beautiful canvas, isn't it," (продолжал) the old man. "You'll buy it."

Miles swallowed hard. "Why... I don't think I (могу позволить себе купить ее). (Боюсь, что это слишком дорого.) I (рассчитывал истратить) about fifty."

The empty frame was taken down, wrapped in a piece of paper and (вручена) Miles.

When Miles had gone with the empty frame (под мышкой), the boy and the grandfather (вернулись) to the room where the frame had hung.

The boy went to a box in the corner, (вытащил) another empty frame, and hung it where the first had been.

Then the old man and the boy sat down and began to wait. They (были полностью подготовлены) for the next art dealer.

(After "The Last Treasure" by R. Cenedella)


Ex 20 Speak on the following topics. Use the words and phrases given below.

1.Inside the Art Dealer's Shop


be full of lovely things; a masterpiece; beautiful (important, etc) works of art; different (old, new, modern, etc) schools of art; works by old (modern, famous, unknown) painters; canvas; miniature; portrait; landscape; seascape; still life; a piece of sculpture; hang on the walls; lie on the counter; offer (have) for sale.

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