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Comprehension Check. Exercise 1.Here are some answers to some questions about the text


Exercise 1.Here are some answers to some questions about the text.

Work out the questions.

1. Pavel Anosov was 18 when he graduated from the Mining Corps of Cadets. 2. For a long time he was Mining Chief of the Zlatoust Works. 3. In his works he explained the effect of chemical composition of steel on its properties. 4. Bessemer patented over a hundred inventions in various fields of technology. 5. It was Bessemer who advanced the idea of rolling steel without casting it into ingots.


Exercise 2. Read the text carefully and agree or disagree with the

statements given below.


1. Anosov was a famous Russian painter. 2. Pavel Anosov re-discovered the secret of damaskene. 3. The secret of damaskene was lost in ancient time. 4. Henry Bessemer was an eletrician. 5. Bessemer had relatively few inventions. 6. Benjamin Huntsman is a well-known British metallurgist of the 18th century. 7. He re-discovered the process of making strong steel.

Exercise 3. Look through the text and find words which mean opposite of:

enter cause worsen minor birth last light modern loose war hard earlier


Such words are called antonyms.



Exercise 4.Put the jumbled sentences in the right order to get an

organized text.


1. From the walls George Peregrine’s grandparents, painted by well-known painters, looked down upon husband and wife.

2. The Peregrines were having breakfast.

3. Though they were alone and the table was long, they sat at the opposite ends of it.

4. All this happened two or three years before the war.

5. They didn’t speak much to each other.

6. She looked at her letters.

7. The son brought in the morning post.

8. He opened The Times and began to read it.

9. George noticed that his wife hadn’t opened the letters.

10. They finished breakfast and rose from the table.



Oral Practice

Meeting People. Formulas of Introduction. Polite Phrases.

Greetings. Leaving

Hi! Bye-bye

Hello! Bye

How do you do? Good-bye

(Good) morning/afternoon/evening Have a nice day

How are you? So long

Nice/Glad to meet you Remember me to . . .

Haven’t seen you for ages

Fancy meeting you here


GratitudeReplies to expressions of gratitude

Thank you (very much) Not at all

Thanks a lot Don’t mention it

Thank you for (+ ing) You are welcome

Much obliged My pleasure



Meet my friend, her name is . . . Nice to meet you

Let me introduce my friend to you. Glad to meet you

Exercise 1.Make up short dialogues using the patterns.


1. introducing strangers to each other.

2. expressing gratitude for smth

3. greeting and leaving each other.

Exercise 2.Learn the conversation by heart. Make a conversation

of your own using the patterns.

At a meeting

Ben: Well, good morning. Before we start our meeting, let us introduce

ourselves. My name is Ben Green. I’m from Melbourn. I’m a civil

engineer and work for a firm. I’m thirty-two years old, married, with

two children. I’m going in for tennis and football. That’s I think. all

about me. Who’s the next?

Susan: I’m Susan Murphy. I live in York and work as a teacher of English.

I’m single. When I have free time I like gardening.

Peter: And my name is Peter O’Brien. I’m a computer programmer in IBM.

I’m 29 years old, divorced, no children. I’m interested in books and


Ben: Sorry, Peter, and where are you from?

Peter: Oh, yes. I’m Irish and live in Belfast.



Unit 3

Text 1

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