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Well, the first thing that I do as soon as I wake up is to go and have a shower. I start with a warm shower and then, just before I get out of the shower, I turn the water onto cold and for a few seconds I have a really cold shower and let the water run over me. It really wakes you up, you know. After that I usually go into my bedroom, open the bedroom window and breathe in some fresh air and sit on the floor and do a few exercises. I think it's really important that you do a few exercises in the morning: it makes your body feel good and keeps the muscles firm. I usually exercise my stomach muscles and my leg muscles. I also exercise my face muscles with my fingers for a few minutes and that keeps the skin of my face very firm, which is, I think, important for a model. Well, now, after I've brushed my hair, done my exercises and had my shower, I go and have my breakfast. Now I really believe that it's important to have a really good breakfast. I don't think you should just have a cup of cof­fee, like some of the girls do. Well, anyway, I have orange juice every morning ... and often I have an egg and toast. I also like yoghurt and grapefruit. By 10 o'clock I am ready to get dressed and go to work. I usually take a taxi to work. I usually arrive at about 11. I don't usually eat anything for lunch, but sometimes I have a sandwich and a glass of milk. Then I work for about four hours with the photographer and he takes pictures, a lot of pictures. Usually they are the sort of pictures that are used in the weekly magazines, women's weekly magazines. I finish work at about 5, so as you can see I've got quite good hours: I only work from about eleven to five and then it's time to go home. When I get home I make some telephone calls, watch the news on telly, have a bath and change my clothes. Every night I usually go out. I like dancing. I go dancing quite often. I can't cook very well, so I like to eat out as often as I can afford it. I'd say I have a good life really, and I am well paid when you think about the num­ber of hours I work.

9. Заполните графы таблицы. Укажите, что мо­жет делать Тина (упр. 8) и что обычно делаете вы в указанное время.


Time What Tina does Time What you do
08.00 wakes up 08.00 get up
08.30 gets shower does exercises brushes hair has breakfast 08.30 leave for work
10.00 ---- 10.00 ----
11.00 ---- 11.00 ----
12.30 ---- 12.30 ----
17.00 ---- 17.00 ----
20.00 ---- 20.00 ----
23.00 ---- 23.00 ----


10. Прокомментируйте следующие, пословицы и по­говорки:

1. Early to bed and early to rise makes people healthy,
wealthy and wise.

2. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

3. A good beginning makes a good ending.

4. If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.

5. What is done cannot be undone.

11. Прочитайте и переведите текст «My Day Off».

My Day Off

Most people in our country work five days a week, but students and pupils work six days. They have only one day off. It is Sunday. I like this day very much. You needn’t hurry anywhere, and you may go wherever you like after your week’s work. On this day I wake up later than usual. But sometimes I don’t get up till 9 or 10 o’clock. I read morning newspapers or listen to the music.

As soon as I get up, I air the room, do my bed and do morning exercises. Then I have breakfast, clear away the dishes and wash up.

Two more hours for getting ready with my homework and I am free. I meet my friends, and we discuss our plans together. We can go to the theatre or cinema, to museums and parks. Last Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens. There were many spring flowerbeds there: red, yellow and blue. People in light clothes were walking along the paths. The air was fresh and clean. It was pleasant to spend time there.

In fine weather we also like to be out of town. We find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river. We lie in the sun, play different games and swim.

In winter my friends and I often go to the skating-rink: skating is my favorite kind of sport, but I like to ski too. When the weather is bad my friends come to my place.

We listen to the music or go to the cinema. We like films about the life of the youth abroad. On the way home we usually discuss the films we’ve seen.

In the evening all the members of our family get together. We have our supper, make plans for tomorrow, watch TV or read books. Reading is my hobby. Sometimes we receive guests at our place or go for a walk. I enjoy my day off very much.



hurry ['hArI] спешить
to air the room [tq'Fq DI 'rHm] проветривать комнату
clear away ['klIq q'weI] убирать
get ready with [get 'redI wID] готовиться к чему-л.
flowerbed ['flauqbed] цветочная клумба
out of town [aut qv 'taun] за городом
on the way home ['on DI 'weI 'houm] по пути домой

12. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:


  1. What time do you get up on weekends?
  2. Do you meet your friends on weekends?
  3. What do you like to do on weekends?


13. Переведите на английский язык следующие предложения:

1. Студенты и школьники в нашей стране учатся 6 дней в неделю, и поэтому у них только один выходной.

2. В воскресенье я встаю позже, чем обычно.

3. Я проветриваю комнату, застилаю кровать и выполняю утреннюю зарядку.

4. Два часа уходит на выполнение домашней работы, и – я свободен.

5. Зимой, по выходным, мы ходим с друзьями в кино или в театр, а иногда к друг другу в гости.

6. Летом, по выходным, мы ходим на пляж или просто слушаем музыку дома.

7. По вечерам я обсуждаю с родителями наши планы на завтра.

8. Иногда в воскресенье вечером к нам приходят гости.


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