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1. Прочитайте и запомните следующие слова и словосочетания:

working day ['wq:kIN deI] рабочий день
week-days ['wJk-deIz] будние дни
wake up, v ['weIk 'Ap] просыпаться
get up, v ['get 'Ap] вставать
do morning exercises ['dH 'mLnIN 'eksqsaIzIz] делать утреннюю зарядку
make one’s bed   убирать постель
take a shower ['teIk q'Sauq] принимать душ
dress ['dres] одеваться
clean teeth ['klJn 'tJT] чистить зубы
brush smb’s hair ['brAS 'hFq] расчесывать волосы
take a bus ['teIk q'bAs] ехать на автобусе
go to work ['gou tq 'wE:k] идти на работу
have a rest ['hxv q 'rest] отдыхать
have a break ['hxv q 'breIk] иметь перерыв
make a telephone call ['meIk q 'telIfoun 'kLl] звонить
do homework ['dH 'houmwE:k] делать домашнее задание
be in a hurry ['bJ In q 'hArI] торопиться
go to bed ['gou tq 'bed] ложиться спать


2. Прочитайте и переведите текст.

On week-days I usually get up at 7 o'clock. I make my bed, open the window and do my morning exercises. Then I go to the bathroom where I clean my teeth and wash my­self. If I have enough time I take a cold and hot shower. It really wakes me up and makes my body feel well. After bathroom I go back to my room where I dress myself and brush my hair. In 10 minutes I am ready for breakfast. It may be a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich. I never eat cereal or corn flakes, and very seldom I eat scrambled eggs.

After breakfast I put on my coat, take the bag and go to the University. As I live not far from the University it takes me only five or seven minutes to get there. I don't want to be late so I come a few minutes be­fore the lectures begin.

According to our time-table we have lectures and training lessons daily. Each week I go to the library to get ready for the seminars. There I take reference-books, text-books, magazines and newspapers which are advised by the teachers. By going to the library and by reading widely I can easily find the information I need. At our University students have an opportunity to take the information working with the Internet in the computer classes. When my studies are over I go home and have dinner. I usually have something substantial for dinner, for example, cabbage soup for the first course, hot meat or fish with some vegetables for the second. Then I drink a cup of tea or milk. Sometimes when I have to stay at the University I have dinner at the refectory.

After dinner I have a short rest, read newspapers, make some telephone calls, go to the supermarket. Then I do my homework. As a rule I have very little free time on my week-days. But when I have some spare time I do some work about the house: do the shopping and the cleaning.

Eight o'clock is supper time in our family. We all get together in the kitchen, then go to the sitting-room and watch TV, read books or discuss different problems. Then I go for a walk with my dog. Twice a week I go in for playing volley-ball.

At about eleven at night I go to bed. I like the proverb, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. So I try to do everything in time.


Ответьте на вопросы.


  • When does your working day begin?

· What do you do when you get up?

· Do you do your morning exercises every day?

· Who makes breakfast for you?

· What time do you leave for the University?

· How long does it take you to get there?

· When do your lectures begin?

· How long do they last?

· When do you have dinner?

· Do you usually have dinner at home or at the refectory (dining-room)?

· What do you usually have for dinner?

· Do you have a short rest after dinner?

· How long does it take you to prepare your homework?

· Do you go to the library to get ready for the seminars?

· What do you usually do in the evenings?

  • Do you go in for sports? How many times a week?

· What time do you go to bed?

  • Do you try to do everything in time?


4. Спросите своего партнера:


- когда он встает, завтракает, уходит из дома, возвра­щается из университета, идет спать, просыпается;

- где он делает зарядку, завтракает, обедает, делает домашнее задание;

- что он делает утром, днем, вечером, в университете, дома, в библиотеке.


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