The teacher tells the class what she is going to do next year: "I am going to visit my friends in Lviv next year. I am going to move to another flat next year. I am going to teach a new class next year." She asks individual learners what they are going to do next year trying to elicit sentences with the target structure. She corrects the learners' mistakes. Then asks them to repeat correct sentences and put some examples on the blackboard. Then she elicits from the students that the structure is used when we speak about plans for the future.

Brainstorm of characteristics of Practice Stage

What should a teacher do to make it more communicative and effective? How can she/he do this? Complete the statements:

get a good balance between ...

exploit all four ..

keep up the

personalise the new grammar item, which means to get the Ps to


guide, support, encourage: in practice activities only success succeeds (i.e. the Ps won't learn if they can't do the task).

Analysis and evaluation of grammar activities (in pairs)

Analyse activities from the point of view of the focus and communicative value.

What is the focus of each activity?

Which activities are more/less communicative?

What makes them more/less communicative?

Would you use any of these activities in your classroom? Which ones? Why?

Grammar Tasks Evaluation

Activity 1..

Underline the correct part of the sentence.

1. You might/ought/must see that new film. It's fantastic!

2. Im sorry I'm late. I should have gone/must have gone/ had to go to the doctor's.

3. Etc.

Activity 2.

Fill in the gaps in the following story, using the verbs from the list in the Past Simple or Perfect. Use each verb only once.

vanish / search / know / drink / look / strike / do / tell / escape / hear / ask / smoke / leave


Sherlock Holmes (1)___________round the room. He could see immediately that the murderer (2)____________ through the window. The victim must have known him, because they (3)____________

sherry together. Etc.

Activity 3

Link each item in A with a suitable ending in B, and put the verbs in the Past Simple or the Past Perfect.


1. Ben_______(be) late for school this morning

2. His tutor___________ (be) annoyed,

3. She _________________ (keep) him in class

4. When he __________ (reach) the sports field,


a) until he_____________ (finish) the exercise.

b) because he______________(miss) the bus.

c) because he_________(not do) his homework.

d) etc.


Eliciting ideas on the features of Productive Communicative Activities

What are your ideas on characteristics of communicative activities at the production stage? Complete the statements. They should:

provide ...


create .

create .

allow Ps .

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