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Reading. 3.Read the text. What other facilities can you add to the list in Ex.2?

3.Read the text. What other facilities can you add to the list in Ex.2? Why is it important for a travelling businessman to choose a comfortable hotel?


Never before in the history of the world have businessmen travelled so much as they do today. It is not surprising because we are living in the world of growing international trade and expanding economic and technical cooperation.


Fascinating though it is for tourists, travelling has, however, become the most tiring of all the occupations for many businessmen. Choosing a comfortable hotel to stay at is therefore a matter of some importance. There are plenty of good hotels, motels and guest houses in the world conveniently located for major business centres.

Many developing countries, such as India, Egypt, Nigeria etc. have excellent hotels. Their numerous facilities include both large and small cocktail lounges, ballrooms, banqueting rooms, beauty parlours, barber's shops, conference halls equipped with simultaneous multilingual translation systems. There are parking areas which can accommodate a lot of cars. It might be useful for traveling businessmen and tourists to know that tailor shops, shoe repair shops, laundry and dry cleaning services are available for guests. People in the office help guests to book train, air or steamer tickets and rent a car. They are also ready to give all necessary information.


4.Read and act out the following dialogues.

Making arrangements about rooms

Receptionist: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?

Visitor: We are Russian businessmen. Reservations have been made to accommodate 16 people.

R: Oh, yes, sir. 8 double rooms for a fortnight.

V.: Sorry, but we need now 7 double rooms and 2 single rooms.

R: I'm sorry, sir, but we're having a big international conference here this week, and we are completely booked out. You should really have mentioned the change when you confirmed your reservation.

V.: Yes, I suppose I should have, but do you think you could do something now? We need two single rooms for our top executives.

R.: Top executives.... Are they going to stay for a fortnight?

V.: No, about a week.

R: Then, you can have 2 single rooms on the first floor.

V.: Thank you, you've been very helpful. I hope the rooms are not noisy.

R: They're very quiet. They face the garden.

V.: Good. Are all the rooms with private baths?

R.: All rooms are with private baths, telephones and back-ground music.

V.: What about television?

R: There's a television room on the ground floor, sir. By the way, you can have our central papers free every morning.

V.: How much are the rooms?

R: Singles are $100 and doubles $50 a day. Have you filled in your arrival card? Good. Then sign here, please. Here's your key. When you go out, please, leave the key at the reception desk.

V.: Sure, and what if we want to extend our stay?

R.: You'll have to contact the chief receptionist at least 24 hours before the original date of your departure.

V.: Thank you.



Talking to a bell-boy.

Bell-boy: Your room, sir.

Visitor: Thank you.

B-b: If you want a maid, sir, or to order anything, you may use the telephone. All the numbers you may need are on the list beside the phone. You can have room service day and night. For meals and drinks in the rooms we charge an extra 10%.

V.: Thank you. I don't think I'll have drinks or breakfast in the room. When do you

serve breakfast in the breakfast room?

B-b: From 7 till 9, sir. If you want to have a full breakfast, you must fill in a breakfast order and hand it to the waiter in the breakfast room, or put it on the door handle outside the room.

V.: Thank you, I think continental breakfast would be sufficient.

B-b.: Then, you just sign the bill in the breakfast room, because continental breakfasts are included in the cost of the room.


5. Read, translate and learn speech patterns.

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