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ЧАСТЬ I. Make the summary of the text

Make the summary of the text. Use the phrases for your summary from page... ex. 44


advocate – n. (in Scotland) barrister; US lawyer.

advocacy– n. skill of pleading a case orally before a court.

pleading (s) – n. (1) – documents setting out the claim of the plaintiff or the defence of the defendant;

e.g. Pleadings must be submitted to the court when the action is set down for trail.

(2) action of speaking in the court on someone's behalf.

solicitor-n. lawyer who has a valid certificate to practise and who gives advice to members of the public and acts for them in legal matters.

barrister – n. lawyer who can plead or argue a case in one of the higher courts e.g. Barristers are instructed only by solicitors and never by members of the public.

to plead– v. to make or answer a statement (usually in evidence)that some thing has happened or is true).

conveyancing – n. law and procedure relating to the purchase and sale of property e.g. Do – it – yourself conveyancing is drawing up a legal document without the help of a lawyer.

will-n. legal document by which a person gives instructions to how his property should be disposed after he dies.

e.g. He wrote his will in 2009.

right of audience – n. right to speak to a court

e.g. A barrister has right of audience in any court.

instruct – v. to tell someone officially to do something; to give information.

e.g. He instructed his lawyer to start legal proceedings on his behalf.

partnership- n. a business where two or more people share the risks and profits.

e.g. Working partners are fully liable for all the obligations of the partnership.

to draw up– v. to write a legal document e.g. to draw up a contract or an agreement.

sole trader – n. person who runs a business, usually by himself.

e.g. This barrister is a sole trader

unlimited liability – n. situation where a sole trader or each partner is responsible for all the firm's debts.

e.g. He admitted unlimited liability for all his debts.

counsel– n. a barrister

Queen's Counsel – senior British barrister.

in-house-adj. existing within an organization or working for a company

e.g. He works for our company as an in-house lawyer.

self – employed- adj. Working for himself

e.g. He worked in a bank for 10 years but now is self-employed.

representation– n. action on behalf of someone

e.g. The defendant was provided legal representation.

opinion– n. (a) what people think about something; (b) piece of expert advice e.g. The lawyers gave their opinion.


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