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Вопрос 398

“Don’t make such noise, will you?” the man said to him.

A) The man asked him to not make so much noise;

B) The man asked him not to make so much noise;

C) The man asked to him not to make so much noise;

D) The man said to him not to make so much noise;

E) The man asked him to make so much noise.

Вопрос 399

Which is the oldest University in the United States?

A) London University;

B) Columbia University;

C) Harvard University;

D) Brown University;

E) Princeton University.

Вопрос 401

She asks me … a look at volume 2.

A) to see;

B) to watch;

C) to be;

D) to notice;

E) to have.

Вопрос 402

They … for the trip to London.

A) live;

B) leaves;

C) was leaving;

D) are leaving;

E) lived.

Вопрос 403

It … in a minute. I’d better stay at home.

A) rains.

B) doesn’t rain.

C) will rain.

D) shall be raining.

E) rained.

Вопрос 404

Her shyness was a … advantage in a company.

A) un;

B) ir;

C) ant;.

D) dis;

E) im.

Вопрос 405

If I were you I wouldn’t ... this successful plan so easily.

A) give in;

B) gave up;

C) give on;

D) give up;

E) give back.

Вопрос 406

He wonders … he could possibly get the job.

A) weather;

B) whatever;

C) whenever;

D) whether;

E) whenever.

Вопрос 407

This pensioner is old and he can’t … well.

A) heard;

B) hear;

C) to heard;

D) listen to;

E) listen.

Вопрос 408

The football game had been … due to rain.

A) made;

B) kept;

C) appointed;

D) arranged;

E) cancelled;

Вопрос 409

There are a lot of … in this place.

A) mice;

B) mouse;

C) mices;

D) mouses;

E) a mice.

Вопрос 410

Bob wants the money. Please give … to him.

A) they;

B) those;

C) it;

D) them;

E) its.

Вопрос 411

You look happy. What’s the news? … good?

A) are they;

B) is it;

C) are there;

D) is there;

E) there are.

Вопрос 412

The situation changed from bad to

A) worse;

B) well;

C) more bad;

D) badly;

E) worst.

Вопрос 413

They have … paper than we have.

A) a little;

B) less;

C) the least;

D) fewer;.

E) few.

Вопрос 414

The day after tomorrow … a funny party.

A) there will be;

B) will be there;

C) shall be;

D) there was;

E) won’t be there.

Вопрос 415

You … not smoke, it’s ruinous for your health.

A) can;

B) may;

C) need;

D) should;

E) could.

Вопрос 416

Tomorrow I shall go out of town with my friends; we … meet them at the railway station.

A) can;

B) have to;

C) ought;

D) are to;

E) need.

Вопрос 417

I cannot excuse you, unless you … me what the problem is.

A) say;

B) speak;

C) talk;

D) recite;

E) tell.

Вопрос 418

You … learned this poem by heart, … you?

A) has, hasn’t;

B) has, haven’t;

C) have, have;

D) has, has;

E) have, haven’t.

Вопрос 419

We were very tired. We came all the way … foot.

A) by;

B) in;

C) at;

D) on;

E) with.

Вопрос 420

If it …, we … go to the country.

A) will rain, shan’t;

B) rains, shan’t;

C) rained, shall;

D) will rain, will;

E) rains, shall.

Вопрос 421

Please, ring me up as soon as you …

A) will come;

B) come;

C) came;

D) shall come;

E) would come.

Вопрос 422

Yesterday’s rain spoilt my hat completely; I … buy a new one.

A) can;

B) had to;

C) may;

D) must;

E) might.

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