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Вопрос 423

Над чем вы смеетесь?

A) What do you laugh at about?

B) What are you laughing at?

C) What do you laugh of?

D) Why do you laugh?

E) What have you laughed at?

Вопрос 424

The actors … on the stage for 2 hours.

A) played;

B) were playing;

C) have been playing;

D) have played;

E) play.

Вопрос 425

Я ожидал, что она переведет текст верно.

A) I expected her translate the text correctly;

B) I expected her to translate the text correctly;

C) I expected she translate the text correctly;

D) I expected she would translate the text correctly;

E) I had expected her translating the text correctly.

Вопрос 426

Where is English used as a second official language?

A) Brazil;

B) Greece;

C) China;

D) India;

E) Sweden.

Вопрос 427

Where have you been? You … at this important meeting two hours ago.

A) were not to be;

B) are to be;

C) has to be;

D) were to be;

E) may be.

Вопрос 428

Она вошла в департамент иностранных дел.

A) She entering the foreign affairs department;

B) She entered the foreign affairs department;

C) She enters the foreign affairs department;

D) She had entered the foreign affairs department;

E) She enter the foreign affairs department.

Вопрос 429

She… the results of the last election company.

A) been told;

B) be told;

C) told;

D) tells;

E) be telling.

Вопрос 430

He prefers looking … psychological magazines… reading them.

A) at / -;

B) around / -;

C) after / for;

D) for / for;

E) through / to.

Вопрос 431

… the door I decided to have a rest.

A) Having painted;

B) Painted;

C) Being painted;

D) Painting;

E) Having been painted.

Вопрос 432

He ( считал ) himself very important.

A) counted;

B) made;

C) seemed;

D) considered;

E) took.

Вопрос 433

We could all do more to keep healthy. We don’t look after … properly.

A) our;

B) themselves;

C) ourselves;

D) yourselves;

E) myself.

Вопрос 434

He has been unemployed … he left college.

A) for;

B) since;

C) from;

D) during;

E) within.

Вопрос 435

Give me a … of paper.

A) piece;

B) lump;

C) bits;

D) slice;

E) some.

Вопрос 436

I asked him …

A) to not go away;

B) to go not away;

C) not to go away;

D) go not away;

E) don’t go away.

Вопрос 437

While he … to London he saw an accident.

A) drove;

B) drives;

C) had driven;

D) was driving;

E) drived.

Вопрос 438

He would have known that, if he … the meeting.

A) had attended;

B) would have attended;

C) has attended;

D) would attend;

E) attended.

Вопрос 439

I’ll speak to him when he …

A) will arrive;

B) is arriving;

C) arrived;

D) would arrive;

E) arrives.

Вопрос 440

I … this test for at least half an hour.

A) do;

B) am doing;

C) have done;

D) have been doing;

E) is doing.

Вопрос 441

Would you mind waiting … minutes?

A) few;

B) a little;

C) some;

D) little;

E) a few.

Вопрос 442

Can you do it yourself? –Yes, I can do it

A) yourself;

B) myself;

C) himself;

D) herself;

E) yourselves.

Вопрос 443

While I was in Paris, I . .. every night.

A) drink;

B) used to;

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