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Вопрос 466

Did you buy any bread? – No, I ... any bread, but I... some milk.

A) bought / am buying;

B) am buying/ bought;

C) didn’t buy/ bought;

D) bought/ bought;

E) don’t buy/ bought.

Вопрос 467

Are you going to finish your study .... 2003?

A) At;

B) On;

C) - ;

D) For;

E) In.

Вопрос 468

She usually ... her glasses, but now she is not wearing…

A) wear/ them;

B) wears/ them;

C) wore/ them;

D) wore/ it;

Вопрос 469

Before we leave what we don’t often say?

A) see you later;

B) have a good day;

C) it was nice to meet you

D) i was tired while I was here;

E) bye.

Вопрос 470

You .... chew gum in class, but you .... chew it at home.

A) must/ can’t;

B) mustn’t/ can;

C) must/ must;

D) can/ can;

E) ought to/ can.

Вопрос 471

-Which party will you go next Friday? - I must go to Jack’s party, because he ... me two weeks ago.

A) pretended;

B) invited;

C) punished;

D) prepared;

E) liked.

Вопрос 472

Their favorite singer is Sting, .... he?

A) wasn’t;

B) doesn’t;

C) isn’t;

D) is;

E) aren’t.

Вопрос 472

She is fond ... classical music.

A) in;

B) of;

C) in;

D) by;

E) at.

Вопрос 473

Always speaks in a loud voice.

A) he;

B) we;

C) you;

D) they;

E) I.

Вопрос 475

You must put ... your coat. It’s cold outside.

A) on;

B) off;

C) away;

D) at;

E) in.

Вопрос 476

Don’t look ... me the way like that!

A) on;

B) through;

C) for;

D) in;

E) at.

Вопрос 477

I am waiting ... my friend. He is late.

A) on;

B) at;

C) into;

D) for;

E) in.

Вопрос 478

Do you know the way ... making good tea

A) of;

B) in;

C) to;

D) for;

E) about.

Вопрос 479

I invited my friend to .... place.

A) me;

B) his;

C) mine;

D) my;

E) his.

Вопрос 480

She can’t do it properly. Help ... please.

A) me;

B) her;

C) their;

D) my;

E) mine.

Вопрос 481

... comes home at 8 o’clock.

A) I;

B) she;

C) they;

D) you;

E) we.

Вопрос 482

Always speak in a loud voice.

A) she;

B) I;

C) he;

D) yours;

E) our.

Вопрос 483

They did not have any meat. So they ... cook a soup.

A) can;

B) could not;

C) can’t;

D) be able to;

E) will be able to.

Вопрос 484


A) жизненный;

B) безжизненный;

C) жизнь;

D) жить;

E) мертвый.

Вопрос 485

He is very lazy. He does ..... work.

A) few;

B) much;

C) little;

D) many;

E) less.

Вопрос 486

Look! They are eating dinner now.

A) Who is eating dinner now;

B) What are they doing now;

C) What are they eating now;

D) What do they eat;

E) Why are they eating.

Вопрос 487

Look! The girls … rock-n-roll .

A) dance;

B) are dancing;

C) is dancing;

D) danced;

E) are danced.

Вопрос 488

… you prepare breakfast for me ? I am hurry

A) can;

B) should;

C) must;

D) need;

E) shall.

Вопрос 489

You … buy milk . I prefer tea without milk

A) need;

B) can;

C) needn’t;

D) may;

E) ought to.

Вопрос 490

I know the town well so I … advise you where to go to have dinner.

A) can;

B) may not;

C) must;

D) need;

E) to be to

Вопрос 491

I lost my key yesterday and … open the door.

A) can;

B) could;

C) couldn’t;

D) may not;

E) have not.

Вопрос 492

… breakfast English people usually have cornflakes or porridge with milk.

A) for;

B) at;

C) on;

D) to;

E) in.

Вопрос 493

Liquid food made by cooking meat, beet, cabbage, etc in water .

A) Shuchi;

B) Borshch;

C) Fish soup;

D) Okroshka;

E) Meat.

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