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Вопрос 583

The students … in the Russian museum last night. Last month they … in the Hermitage.

A) are, was;

B) were, will be;

C) will be are;

D) were, are;

E) were, were.

Вопрос 584

The children … not upset, they … very angry.

A) were, are;

B) are, are;

C)will be, were;

D) is, is;

E) is, are.

Вопрос 585

The neighbours …not happy because her children … too noisy.

A) was, were;

B) will be, are;

C) was, are;

D) are, are;

E) were, will be.

Вопрос 586

I … sorry. They … not at the office at the moment.

A) am, are;

B) am, were;

C) was, will be;

D) were, were;

E) will be, are.

Вопрос 587

How … you? – I … not very well today.

A) was, was;

B) is, am;

C) will be, was;

D) are, am;

E) are, are.

Вопрос 588

… you a doctor? – yes, I ….

A) is, is;

B) are, am;

C) am, am;

D) am, is;

E) are, are.

Вопрос 589

The shelf … brown. It … on the wall.

A) are, is;

B) was, will be;

C) is, is;

D) were, was;

E) is, are.

Вопрос 590

Where … Lisa and John? - They … at college.

A) were, are;

B) are, is;

C) will be, were;

D) are, are;

E) is, is.

Вопрос 591

She … the kindness person I’ve ever seen. My grandmother … really wonderful.

A) was, were;

B) is, is;

C) is, are;

D) will be, will be;

E) were, were.

Вопрос 592

… you busy? – No, I … not.

A) are, am;

B) am, am;

C) is, is;

D) was, were;

E) will be, was.

Вопрос 593

Do you have any idea where he…? – he … at work.

A) was, were;

B) will be, were;

C) is, is;

D) are, am;

E) is, was.

Вопрос 594

Which sport, do you think, … the most dangerous?

A) am;

B) was;

C) were;

D) is;

E) are.

Вопрос 595

His family … not in St. Petersburg, it … in Moscow.

A) was, will be;

B) are, was;

C) is, will be;

D) is, is;

E) was, were.

Вопрос 596

An interesting film … on at the nearest cinema. It … Bumer.

A) is, are;

B) is, is;

C) was, will be;

D) were, were;

E) was, is.

Вопрос 597

The lesson … interesting. We studied a new theme.

A) will be ;

B) is;

C) are;

D) am;

E) was.

Вопрос 598

I … glad to help you. You may come tomorrow.

A) was;

B) are;

C) is;

D) will be;

E) were.

Вопрос 599

I … writing a letter at the moment.

A) was;

B) will be;

C) am;

D) were;

E) is.

Вопрос 600

They … playing football from 5 till 7.

A) were;

B) am;

C) is;

D) will be;

E) are.

Вопрос 601

My father … a programmer. He … interested in politics.

A) was, will be;

B) is, will be;

C) are, were;

D) is, is;

E) were, was.

Вопрос 602

When did the Great Fire of London take place?

A) 1566;

B) 1768;

C) 1516;

D) 1666;

E) 1856.

Вопрос 603

Who are Prince William and Prince Henry’s parents?

A) Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are;

B) Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are;

C) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are;

D) Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips are;

E) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are.

Вопрос 604

Nelson’s Column is situated in … in London.

A) Fleet Street;

B) Downing Street;

C) Trafalgar Square;

D) Piccadilly Circus;

E) Harley Street.

Вопрос 605

The capital of England is … .

A) Cardiff;

B) Chicago;

C) Washington D.C.

D) London;

E) Manchester.

Вопрос 606

Lake Loch Ness is situated in … .

A) Ireland;

B) England;

C) Wales;

D) Australia;

E) Scotland.

Вопрос 607

London is on the ... .

A) Severn;

B) Irtysh;

C) Mississippi;

D) Thames;

E) Avon.

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