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Вопрос 647

The highest mountain –Ben Nevis (1343)- is in … .

A) Wales;

B) Scotland;

C) England;

D) Colorado;

E) Northern Ireland.

Вопрос 648

The National Flag of the UK is known as the … .

A) Maple Leaf;

B) Union Jack;

C) Stars and Stripes;

D) Red Dragon;

E) Golden Eagle.

Вопрос 649

Westminster Abbey was built by the architect …

A) Sir Christopher Wren;

B) William Wilkins;

C) Rembrant;

D) Rubens;

E) Federik August Bartholdi

Вопрос 650

Many famous people are buried in … .

A) Westminster Abbey;

B) The Clock Tower;

C) The Tower of London;

D) St. Paul’s Cathedral;

E) Trafalgar Square.

Вопрос 651

What is Downing Street famous for?

A) There is Embassy of the RK to the UK;

B) The British Prime Minister lives there;

C) Queen Elizabeth II lives there;

D) There is a monument to Admiral Nelson;

E) It is famous for its Poet’s Corner.

Вопрос 652

Where is the Statue of Liberty?

A) Massachusetts;

B) California;

C) New York;

D) Washington D.C.;

E) Boston.

Вопрос 653

The American Flag has …

A) Thirteen stripes;

B) Thirty stripes;

C) Fifteen stripes;

D) Fifty stripes;

E) Ten stripes.

Вопрос 654

Where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

A) New York;

B) Chicago;

C) San Francisco;

D) Washington D.C.;

E) Boston.

Вопрос 655

When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

A) July 4;

B) February 14;

C) December 25;

D) November;

E) October 31.

Вопрос 656

What is the national sport in America?

A) Football;

B) Soccer;

C) Baseball;

D) Tennis;

E) Bowling.

Вопрос 657

Who was the first president of the USA?

A) Abraham Lincoln;

B) George Washington;

C) Franklin D. Roosevelt;

D) Christopher Columbus;

E) John Trumbull.

Вопрос 658

Which is the United States capital?

A) New York City;

B) Los Angeles;

C) Washington D.C.;

D) San Francisco;

E) Atlanta.

Вопрос 659

In which city is Hollywood?

A) Los Angeles;

B) San Francisco;

C) Florida;

D) New York;

E) Atlanta.

Вопрос 660

In which famous location do people in New York City celebrate New Year’s Eve?

A) Times Square;

B) Hyde Park;

C) New Square;

D) 5th Avenue;

E) The Guggenheim Museum.

Вопрос 661

What are the ingredients of a traditional American Thanksgiving Day?

A) Turkey; cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie;

B) Turkey; cranberry sauce, apple pie;

C) Turkey; currant sauce, apple pie;

D) Chicken; cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie;

E) Duck; cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie;

Вопрос 662

In which U.S. city were the 1996 Summer Olympics held?

A) Atlanta;

B) Washington D.C.

C) Seattle;

D) Philadelphia;

E) New York.

Вопрос 663

What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year in the U.S.?

A) Oscar;

B) Grammy;

C) Golden Palm;

D) Nika;

E) Golden Globe.

Вопрос 664

Which American state was the last to acquire “state” status?

A) Hawaii;

B) Maine;

C) Connecticut;

D) Rhode Island;

E) Pennsylvania.

Вопрос 665

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