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Вопрос 686

The US centre for art and business is …

A) New York;

B) Washington;

C) Colorado;

D) Los Angeles;

E) Las Vegas.

Вопрос 687

The world’s oldest and largest national park is …

A) Idaho Park;

B) Yellowstone Park;

C) Rhode Park;

D) Queen Park;

E) Disneyland.

Вопрос 688

Who is officially the head of the state and the government of the USA?

A) Congress;

B) Republicans Party;

C) Democratic Party;

D) President;

E) Communist Party.

Вопрос 689

What is the tallest sight in Washington, D.C.?

A) US Capitol;

B) The Statue of Liberty;

C) The White House;

D) Fenwick Gallery;

E) The National Mall.

Вопрос 690

Oscar is a prize given for …

A) Achievement in motion-picture production;

B) Achievements in journalism and literature;

C) Achievements in music;

D) Achievements in science;

E) Achievements in education.

Вопрос 691

What is the White House?

A) University;

B) Monument;

C) Sky-scraper;

D) The residence of President;

E) Park.

Вопрос 692

The anthem of the USA is ….

A) America, The Beautiful;

B) America;

C) God Save The Queen;

D) In God we trust;

E) The Star-Spangled Banner.

Вопрос 693

The National flag of the USA is called …

A) Uncle Sam;

B) The Union Jack;

C) The Stars and Stripes;

D) The yellow page;

E) The bald eagle.

Вопрос 694

Where does the capital of the USA belong to?

A) The District of Columbia;

B) The State of Alaska;

C) The State of Maryland;

D) The State of Pennsylvania;

E) The State of Georgia.

Вопрос 695

The nickname for the American Government is …

A) Union Jack;

B) Uncle Sam;

C) Uncle Sir;

D) A.G;

E) UK.

Вопрос 696

What is the lowest spot in the USA?

A) Death Valley;

B) Hollywood;

C) Yellowstone;

D) Rhode Park;

E) Charleston.

Вопрос 697

What is the capital of Massachusetts?

A) Houston;

B) Atlanta;

C) Boston;

D) Dallas;

E) Chicago.

Вопрос 698

What is the capital of the state of Washington?

A) Denver;

B) Columbus;

C) Olympia;

D) Salt Lake City;

E) Carson City.

Вопрос 699

Salt Lake City is the capital of …

A) Utah;

B) Virginia;

C) Colorado;

D) Nevada;

E) Idaho.

Вопрос 700

What is the most profitable deal in the history of America?

A) The purchase of the Island of Manhattan for $24;

B) The purchase of Alaska from Russia;

C) The choice of bald eagle as a national symbol;

D) The establishment of the corporation with China;

E) The establishment of the corporation with Russia.

Вопрос 701

What is the highest spot in the USA?

A) Mt. McKinley;

B) Mt. Rushmore;

C) Death Valley;

D) Honolulu;

E) The Appalachian.

Вопрос 702

Astana is situated on the bank of the river … .

A) Irtysh;

B) Ishim;

C) Syrdarija;

D) Tobyl;

E) Tenteksu.

Вопрос 703

Pavlodar is situated on the bank of the river …

A) Irtysh;

B) Ishim;

C) Syrdarija;

D) Tobyl;

E) Tenteksu.

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