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Вопрос 525

… you … to live in village in your childhood?

A) did, use;

B) do, use;

C) does, use;

D) used;

E) had, use.

Вопрос 526

She (not to ask) him about anything.

A) did not ask;

B) is not asked;

C) not asked;

D) not asking;

E) do not ask.

Вопрос 527

He (to play) tennis twice a week last year.

A) play;

B) playd;

C) had play;

D) is played;

E) played.

Вопрос 528

She (to learn) French and German two years ago.

A) lernt;

B) is learnt;

C) learnt;

D) was learnt;

E) were learnt.

Вопрос 529

We (to keep) our car in the garage last winter.

A) kepting;

B) kepted;

C) was kept;

D) were kept;

E) kept.

Вопрос 530

They often (to make) mistakes at the lessons.

A) make;

B) maked;

C) had make;

D) was made;

E) were made.

Вопрос 531

When I lived with my parents I (to help) my mother about the house.

A) helped;

B) helpt;

C) was helped;

D) help;

E) helps.

Вопрос 532

They (not to do) their shopping every day last year.

A) do not do;

B) did not do;

C) does not do;

D) not did;

E) not do.

Вопрос 533

We (to go) to the university by metro yesterday.

A) go;

B) gone;

C) goes;

D) went;

E) did go.

Вопрос 534

The concert (to begin) at 6 p.m yesterday.

A) began;

B) begun;

C) begined;

D) begint;

E) begand.

Вопрос 535

I (to stay) at school yesterday.

A) stay;

B) stayed;

C) was stay;

D) were stay;

E) stays.

Вопрос 536

It often (to rain) last autumn.

A) rain;

B) raind;

C) rained;

D) rains;

E) rraint.

Вопрос 537

Tom (to get) excellent marks in English yesterday.

A) gott;

B) getted;

C) get;

D) got;

E) was got.

Вопрос 538

Always go abroad during their summer holidays.

A) they;

B) he;

C) she;

D) us;

E) her.

Вопрос 539

Give ... the book, please.

A) I;

B) she;

C) we;

D) me;

E) their.

Вопрос 540

He is an old friend of ... .

A) my;

B) your;

C) mine;

D) her;

E) their.

Вопрос 541

He washed and dressed ... .

A) he;

B) herself;

C) himself;

D) ourself;

E) his.

Вопрос 542

Sister made some mistakes in her test.

A) My;

B) He;

C) Mine;

D) Them;

E) Yours.

Вопрос 543

Is ... absent today?

A) somebody;

B) anybody;

C) nobody;

D) anywhere;

E) some.

Вопрос 544

I can’t help you. I have ... free time.

A) much;

B) many;

C) little;

D) few;

E) a lot of.

Вопрос 545

If you ever have ... problems, let me know.

A) any;

B) some;

C) no;

D) every;

E) something.

Вопрос 546

Did ... meet him yersterday?

A) somebody;

B) anybody;

C) nobody;

D) everybody;

E) anything.

Вопрос 547

How ... new grammar rules do you know?

A) many;

B) much;

C) little;

D) few;

E) more.

Вопрос 548

Don’t worry. We have ... time before the train comes in.

A) little;

B) few;

C) much;

D) many;

E) more.

Вопрос 549

These books are ... , take ... if you want.

A) my / it;

B) our / them;

C) mine / it;

D) her / them;

E) mine / them.

Вопрос 550

I have lost ... pencils, may I take ... ?

A) mine / your;

B) your / your;

C) my / yours;

D) her / your;

E) yours / my.

Вопрос 551

Often wait for me at the entrance.

A) They;

B) He;

C) She;

D) Our;

E) Them.

Вопрос 552

She’ll go to the South with ... son and ... daughter.

A) her / her;

B) hers / her;

C) her / hers;

D) my / mine;

E) mine / my.

Вопрос 553

This is my dictionary and that is … .

A) here;

B) my;

C) yours;

D) this;

E) her.

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