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Вопрос 352

After finishing school it is very difficult to choose one of the hundreds of ….

A) Works;

B) Professions;

C) Labours;

D) Game;

E) Employees.

Вопрос 353

Mary is a pupil and couldn’t decide which science or field of industry to

…. .

A) Win;

B) Specialize in;

C) Study;

D) Learn;

E) Finish.

Вопрос 354

…. are supposed to help in choosing a job.

A) English courses;

B) Schools;

C) Friends;

D) Teachers;

E) Training courses.

Вопрос 355

Who tries to help to make a decision in choosing profession?

A) Friends;

B) Relatives;

C) Teachers;

D) Doctors;

E) Teachers and parents.

Вопрос 356

What should the school-leavers do after finishing school?

A) Choose profession;

B) Finish training courses;

C) Get married;

D) Leave their homes;

E) Stay at home.

Вопрос 357

Who teaches pupils?

A) Doctor;

B) Lawer;

C) Dentist;

D) Teacher;

E) Engineer.

Вопрос 358

When … Mr. Brown …?

A) have, arrived;

B) do, arrive;

C) has, arrived;

D) does, arrive;

E) was, arrived.

Вопрос 359

Peter and Jane are arguing:I .... hear them from my room.

A) must;

B) can;

C) could;

D) would;

E) shall.

Вопрос 360

Which month of the year has (few) days?

A) the fewest;

B) fewer;

C) few;

D) more few;

E) the few.

Вопрос 361

He (use) to smoke very heavily. Now he hardly smokes at all.

A) use;

B) uses;

C) have used;

D) used;

E) is used.

Вопрос 362

What are you?

A) I am a teacher.

B) He is a boy.

C) Ann is her sister.

D) I am Ann.

E) They are girls.

Вопрос 363

These crazy scientists (to find) treasures on Antarctica.

A) founded;

B) found;

C) Find;

D) Finded;

E) Fond.

Вопрос 364

I (to have) be there right in time, but I was late as usual.

A) have;

B) had;

C) had to;

D) has to;

E) have to.

Вопрос 365

I (to fly) from one continent to another last summer.

A) Flew;

B) Flow;

C) Flown;

D) Flied;

E) Flyed.

Вопрос 366

Find a mistake: I founded (1) myself in a desert (2)completely (3)exhausted (4) and without any water in a bottle (5).

A) 5;

B) 3;

C) 2;

D) 1;

E) 4.

Вопрос 367

The policeman asked George where he ... so early.

A) runs;

B) running;

C) had run;

D) has running;

E) run.

Вопрос 368

The delegates were told that the guide just ... out and ...be back in ten minutes.

A) went / was;

B) had gone / was;

C) has gone / will;

D) had gone / would;

E) went / would.

Вопрос 369

My friend asked me who ... the piano at that moment in the sitting room.

A) plays;

B) played;

C) was playing;

D) had played;

E) hlay.

Вопрос 370

I was sure he ... the letter.

A) posted;

B) had posted;

C) was posting;

D) posting;

E) to post.

Вопрос 371

I think the weather ... fine next week.

A) will be;

B) would be;

C) was;

D) is;

E) has been.

Вопрос 372

I asked my sister to tell me what she ... at the museum.

A) saw;

B) has seen;

C) had seen;

D) was seeing;

E) seeing.

Вопрос 373

They realized that they ... their way in the dark.

A) lost;

B) have lost;

C) had lost;

D) were loosing;

E) loses.

Вопрос 374

He says he ... at school two years ago.

A) works;

B) work;

C) will work;

D) worked;

E) was working.

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