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Choose the correct variant

A) Mary don’t goes to the library;

B) Mary not go to the library;

C) Mary doesn’t go to the library;

D) Mary doesn’t goes to the library;

E) Mary go not to the library.

Вопрос 298

Choose the correct variant.

A) Do his brother swim very good?

B) Is his brother swim very good?

C) Does his brother swim very good?

D) Do his brother swim very good?

E) Have his brother swim very good?

Вопрос 299

Choose the correct variant.

A) Do the shops open at 9 o’clock in the morning?

B) Does the shops open at 9 o’clock in the morning?

C) Do the shop open at 9 o’clock in the morning?

D) Are the shops open at 9 o’clock in the morning?

E) Is the shops open at 9 o’clock in the morning?

Вопрос 300

Choose the correct variant.

A) Do his mother cooks tasty?

B) Is his mother cooks tasty?

C) Does his mother cook tasty?

D) Do his mother cook tasty?

E) Has his mother cook tasty?

Вопрос 301

… advise pupils.

A) Principal and neighbours;

B) Grandparents and shop assistants;

C) Teachers and parents;

D) Classmates and neighbours;

E) Director and pupils.

Вопрос 302

The … in colleges is through tuition.

A) exam;

B) lesson ;

C) curriculum;

D) department;

E) training.

Вопрос 303

The proficiency of student is tested by …

A) the tutor;

B) the Principal;

C) the pupils;

D) the Examining Board;

E) the supervisors.

Вопрос 304

The scheme of study work in a college of education

is based on …

A) examinations;

B) compulsory and optional subjects;

C) additional material;

D) two terms;

E) useless subjects.

Вопрос 305

The course of study at the university is … than at college.

A) bigger;

B) longer;

C) smaller;

D) eastier;

E) hight.

Вопрос 306

A full-time student goes to the university …

A) only during sessions;

B) at the end of terms;

C) every day;

D) every weekend;

E) once a week.

Вопрос 307

After finishing the university student get …

A) driving;

B) a diploma ;

C) a certificate;

D) a registor;

E) a time-table.

Вопрос 308

There are opportunities for students to get … by means of a four-year course.

A) knowledge;

B) friends;

C) tutors;

D) the degree of Bachelor;

E) master’s degree.

Вопрос 309

The students from another towns usually live in …

A) a hostel;

B) a hotel;

C) the university;

D) the classroom;

E) the street.

Вопрос 310

At colleges of education the key subject is …

A) handwork;

B) health education;

C) Hhistory;

D) principles of education;

E) physical education.

Вопрос 311

A residential college is …

A) a college with tutors;

B) a college with students;

C) a college with a canteen;

D) a college with multi-media rooms;

E) a college with a hostel.

Вопрос 312

Young people can enter the university after fishing …

A) spectral courses;

B) high school;

C) kindergarten;

D) primary school;

E) nursery school.

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