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Which of the environmental issues from the article is the most important for you? Explain why.


8. Read and translate Text 2:

Waron waste

People in the UK throw away about a third of the food they buy. Food waste makes up nearly 20 per cent of the total household bin - and around half of this could actually have been eaten. Not only does this cost consumers a huge amount of money, but it also damages the environment. Firstly, there is the damage caused by producing the unnecessary food in the first place. And secondly, there is the fact that all the food we throw away creates hundreds of tones of domestic waste.1____________ Experts say preventing the waste would have the same impact as removing one in five cars from the road.

Now, various organisations are trying to crack down on food waste. For example, a campaign has been arched north of the border by SWAG(the Scottish Haste Awareness Group), with the support of leading chefs and food writers. They are focusing on four key areas where improvements can be made: planning meals, storing food properly, using up leftovers and buying acetate amounts.

Dr Nicki Souter, SWAG's campaign director, said: “ Attitudes to food waste are very similar across the age groups, apart from the 60-plus generation.2_______________ But if you look at the adult population as a whole, typiсаlly we waste a lot of food. Every time we cook rice or pasta, it's difficult to get the portion size right. The aim of this campaign is to get the public thinking about the issue of food waste and ultimately doing something to limit the problem.”

Another organisation which is campaigning on the same issue is called Love Food Hate Waste. According to the campaign, the key foods wasted in the home are fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, bakery and bread products and dairy products. The main reasons are preparing too much food or letting it go past its use-by date. And the campaign says 90 per cent of people do not even realise how much is being disposed of.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign has come up with the idea of having 'champions'.3______________ There is also a website to raise public awareness. 4___________ Here is a selection of the practical advice on offer:

• Portion sizes: Buy loose fruit and vegetables to get the exact amount that you need. Look out for smaller size options and measure portion sizes when you cook.

• Planning:5________________ That way you won't buy food that is already in your fridge!

• Storage: Learn the difference between use-by dates, where the food can go off quickly, and best-before dates, which tend to affect quality rather than safety. Follow the storage instructions on food, and rotate the food in the fridge and cupboard so that you know what needs using first.6

• Recipe ideas: Use leftovers and check the campaign website for tips. For example, leftover vegetables and potato can be fried together with bacon and onion to make a traditional British dish called 'bubble and squeak'!


9. Read the text carefully. Match sentences A-G with gaps 1-6. There is one sentence that you do not need:

A Within that, there is more of an awareness, especially from the people who lived through the Second World War.

В For this reason, consumers are reluctant to alter their shopping habits, in spite of the evidence.

С Freeze leftovers so that they can be eaten at a later date.

D These are members of the public who aim to share their practical hints and tips to help avoid food waste.

E It offers tips, hints and simple recipes which enable people to make the most of the food they buy and prepare.

F Most is dumped in landfill, where it gives off greenhouse gases.

G Think about the meals for the week and check cupboards: before going shopping.


Look through the text, ignoring the gaps. What is the main objective of the SWAG campaign?

A To encourage people to cook in more imaginative ways,

B To encourage people to spend less money in supermarkets.

C To encourage people to put less of the food they buy in the bin.

D To encourage people to recycle more of their household rubbish.


11. Match the two halves of these expressions from the text:

1 to launch a the environment

2 to have an impact on b 20% of the total

3 to come up with c an idea

4 to make d a campaign

5 to make up e improvements


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