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The Passive voice


Variant 1

Choose the correct answer:


1. Много новых зданий строится сейчас в нашем городе.

1) Many new buildings are built in our city now.

2) Many new buildings are being built in our city now.

3) Many new buildings are building in our city now.

4) Many new buildings have been built in our city now.


2. Его спрашивают на каждом занятии.

1) He asked at every lesson.

2) He is asked at every lesson.

3) He was asked at every lesson.

4) He asks at every lesson.


3. Попов изобрел радио в 1895 году.

1) Popov invented the radio in 1895.

2) Popov was invented the radio in 1895.

3) Popov invents the radio in 1895.

4) Popov is invented the radio in 1895.


4. Вопрос будет обсужден на следующем заседании.

1) The matter will be discussed at the next meeting.

2) The matter would be discussed at the next meeting.

3) The matter be discussed at the next meeting.

4) The matter will discussed at the next meeting.


5. Этот вопрос обсуждался, когда я вошел в комнату.

1) This question was discussing when I entered the room.

2) This question was been discussing when I entered the room.

3) This question was discussed when I entered the room.

4) This question was being discussed when I entered the room.


6. The rules were changed a year ago.

1) Правила изменили год назад.

2) Они изменили правила год назад.

3) Правила изменятся через год.

4) Правила меняются год из года.


7. The work had been finished before you called.

1) Работа была закончена и вы позвонили.

2) Работа была закончена после того, как вы позвонили.

3) Работа была закончена перед тем, как вы позвонили.

4) Мы закончили работу перед тем, как вы позвонили.


8. The typist has just typed the letter.

1) Машинистка только что напечатала письмо.

2) Машинистка напечатала письмо вчера.

3) Машинистка уже напечатала письмо.

4) Машинистка печатает письмо.

9. The plan had been discussed for two hours when he came.

1) План уже обсуждался два часа, когда он пришел.

2) План уже обсудили, когда он пришел.

3) Они уже обсуждали план два часа, когда он пришел.

4) План обсудили за два часа, и он пришел.


10. Sarah has been invited to the party.

1) Сару пригласили на вечеринку.

2) Сара пригласила на вечеринку.

3) Друзья пригласили Сару на вечеринку.

4) Вечеринка проходила у Сары.


11.I can’t let you work on my computer now - it ___.

1) is used

2) used

3) is using

4) is being used


12. You will be connected in a minute. The telephone call ___ now.

1) made

2) is made

3) is being made

4) is been making


13. What program ___ by the children now?

1) is watched

2) is watching

3) is being watched

4) was being watched


14. The new program ___ by millions of people every day.

1) watches

2) is watched

3) watched

4) are watched


15. The mouse ___ under the kitchen table.

1) is sitting

2) is sat

3) sits

4) sat


16. New pop groups ___ about among teenagers.

1) are usually much being spoken

2) are usually much spoken

3) were usually much spoken

4) was usually much spoken


17. Tom is wearing a yellow tie today. He ___ about.

1) speaks

2) is being spoken

3) is spoken

4) is been speaking

18. London ___ by millions of tourists last summer.

1) was visited

2) is visited

3) is being visited

4) was being visited


19. Dinner ___ now. We should wait a little.

1) cooks

2) will be cooked

3) is being cooked

4) is cooking


20. The house ___ at the moment.

1) is being painted

2) is painting

3) has been painting

4) paints


21. America ___ in 1492.

1) discovered

2) was discovered

3) is discovered

4) to be discovered


22. The Mona Liza ___ by Leonardo da Vinci.

1) was painted

2) has been painted

3) were painted

4) painted


23. A new remedy to cure the flu ___ recently.

1) discovered

2) has been discovered

3) was discovered

4) is discovered


24. The pupils ___ a lot of difficult questions at the exam all day yesterday.

1) were asked

2) were been asking

3) were being asked

4) asked


25. Look! Our country house ___.

1) redecorated

2) has been redecorated

3) was redecorated

4) will be redecorated


Variant 2

Choose the correct answer:


1. Рис выращивается людьми.

1) Rice is grown by people.

2) Rice was grown by people.

3) Rice is growing by people.

4) Rice is being grown by people.


2. Мне уже показали задания.

1) The tasks have already been shown to me.

2) I was shown the tasks.

3) I have shown the tasks.

4) I have already been shown the tasks.


3. Нас сейчас спрашивают об экспериментах.

1) We are being asked about experiments at the moment.

2) We are asked about experiments at the moment.

3) We are asking about experiments at the moment.

4) We are been asking about experiments at the moment.


4. Бумага была разрезана ножом.

1) The paper cutted with the knife.

2) The paper cut with the knife.

3) The paper was cutted with the knife.

4). The paper was cut with the knife.


5. Солнце притягивает планеты.

1) The sun was attracted the planets.

2) The sun is attracting the planets.

3) The sun attract the planets.

4) The sun attracts the planets.


6. Business letters are usually written on special forms.

1) Деловые письма они всегда пишут на специальных бланках.

2) На специальных бланках всегда пишут деловые письма.

3) Деловые письма всегда пишутся на специальных бланках.

4) Специальные бланки существуют для написания деловых писем.


7. Football is played all over the world.

1) Все играют в футбол в мире.

2) В футбол играют во всем мире.

3) Футбол - всемирная игра.

4) Играйте в футбол.


8. The compass is used for showing the direction.

1) Направление показывают с помощью компаса.

2) Компас показывает направление.

3) Компас используют для того, чтобы показать направление.

4) Используйте компас для показа направления.

9. How many languages are spoken in Switzerland?

1) Сколько разговорных языков в Швейцарии?

2) На скольких языках говорят в Швейцарии?

3) Какой основной язык в Швейцарии?

4) Мы поговорим о Швейцарии?


10. The car might be stolen.

1) Машина может быть украдена.

2) Машину может быть украли.

3) Машину украли.

4) Машину украсть невозможно.


11. Jack‘s jokes ___ at. He has got a wonderful sense of humor.

1) are always laughed

2) are being always laughed

3) are always laughing

4) are been always laughing


12. Pushkin’s first poem ___ when he was fourteen.

1) were written

2) was written

3) wrote

4) was being written


13. The control tasks ___ by the pupils of our group yesterday.

1) did

2) were done

3) were being done

4) done


14. The new film ___ when I came to my friend’s house.

1) was discussed

2) was being discussed

3) was discussing

4) discussed


15. I ___ to buy the ticket for my sister.

1) asked

2) was asked

3) were asked

4) ask


16. I ___ with the umbrella.

1) was hit

2) is hit

3) hits

4) to hit


17. Robert ___ the interview for the job.

1) promise

2) to promise

3) was promised

4) was been promising

18. A number of trees ___ by the strong winds.

1) blown down

2) were blown down

3) was blown down

4) is blowing down


19. He is going ___ next week.

1) interviewed

2) to interview

3) interview

4) to be interviewed


20. The office ___ every evening.

1) lock

2) is locking

3) is locked

4) locked


21. I am glad to inform you that your letter ___.

1) received

2) to be received

3) has been received

4) was received


22. The translation ___ two hours ago.

1) finished

2) is finished

3) were finished

4) was finished


23. The first metro line in Moscow ___ in 1935.

1) opened

2) has been opened

3) was opened

4) is opened


24. Seventy one per cent of the Earth’s surface ___ by water.

1) is covered

2) are covered

3) is being covered

4) is been covering


25. What instrument only sharpens when it ___?

1) is being constantly used

2) is constantly used

3) constantly used

4) is been constantly using


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