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Appearing in behalf of the pending measure Mr. Edward W. Taylor, of Frankfort, Kentucky, reviewed Mr. Hough's arguments and showed to the committee their fallacy. On page 173 he says:

MR. TAYLOR: This investigation in 1893 of the whisky trust showed that the people of the United States were being imposed on to such an extent that this committee recommended to Congress that it incorporate into law a suggestion made by the deputy commissioner of Internal Revenue, Mr. Wilson, which was the origin of what is known as the "Bottling in Bond" act--a national law which enjoys so much disparagement that it is a pleasure to me to have the opportunity to explain it. The reason it has such disparagement is because the other 95 per cent of the so-called whisky on the American market today is the spurious article and can not get the guarantee stamp which is put over bottled in bond whisky. * * * And I have here the report of the Ways and Means committee in the House, in recommending the bill for passage--approving the bill. Here is the official report. It is all very well for Mr. Hough or myself to come up here and express an opinion as to the intention of the law, but I think it is to the advantage of this committee if we can produce some official expression as to the purpose of the law, and take the matter out of contention. * * *

" The obvious purpose of the measure is to allow the bottling of spirits under such circumstances and supervision as will give assurances to all purchasers of the purity, of the article purchased, and the machinery devised for accomplishing this makes it apparent that this object will certainly be accomplished.

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