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UK Constitution


1 Word search. Find the following world in the puzzle.

bill, codified, framework, Israel, laws, seven, states, twenty, uncodified, USA, Zealand

t m t b h l y t e u m y s i o e h a
a o i j e t t h n c e t a c i r e r
n l k a n n n c i e w a y h u e r t
l p r e p n o c s y o s e e e a e t
a s w c o d i f i e d u v g n t e l
i t n t i z e y e e t w d h e e r e
b n o f o e t o a n o a o o s r n t
w h i n g a n e v e s i t r e c e b
a e i h u l f a u u h d e s n o a o
d l h t i a p i s o h i t r r u w g
u e h o t n y s s l g m n r f e e t
i n a r e d a i e y l s n e n h b t
i r s u t f r a m e w o r k l r a n
f r e f s e f t e d r r r e e a i s
a d o y h s y e u l s h p t e a w h
t f n n u u e b f l s a r t h t e s
t e b h s e r r f f m e i e r f t r
e a s f f h d h o t i o o m m e n c

2 Use the words you find to complete this passage.

The UK is governed by an (1)_____ constitution. This means that not all the (2)______and practises that act as our political (3)_______ are documented together. The only other liberal democratic (4) ______ with an unwritten constitution are New (5)______ and (6)______. In contrast, the (7) ____works to a (8)______ constitution that stems from the (9)____ of Rights. It is made up of (10)______ articles with (11)____ seven amendments.

Project Work. Violation of rights. Work individually or in pairs. Open Appendix, study the scenarios given in the section Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Complete the assignment and prepare a 3-5 minutes PowerPoint presentation describing your solution to the chosen problem.




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