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My future profession (programmer)


What would I like to become? This question worries me greatly. Every job has its difficulties and interest. I think that all the professions are very important. But to choose the right occupation is very difficult, because we must take into consideration serious examinations we are going to face. In order to pass that very serious exam we must choose the road in life, which will be our best. Each boy and girl has every opportunity to develop mind. We must consider our personal taste and our kind of mind. At the same time we must satisfy the requirements of our society and its needs in one profession or another.

The end of school is the beginning of independent life, the beginning of using knowledge received at school. Some may prefer to work in factories or works, others want to go into construction: to take part in building power stations and new towns. Many opportunities to work and to satisfy at the same time the requirements of the society and your own personal interest are offered in the spheres of transport, building, communications and many others.

I’ve decided that I want to be a programmer. I like this profession because it is very interesting. In particular I want to become a computer programmer. It is an interesting and useful profession. I’m interested in computers. It is a whole new world. Many people continue careers of their parents but it is not the case with me, my mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. And I don’t want to be neither a teacher nor a doctor. My favourite subjects at school are maths, physics and, of course, computer science. I’m not interested in such subjects as geography, biology or chemistry.

My hobbies are computer games and computer programming. I have a computer at home and I can spend hours working at it. It is much easier to do things on computer, for example, to write a composition. You can change the text, as many times as you want and you don’t need to rewrite everything if you changed something. I think that the profession of programmer can give many opportunities. Computers are the most rapidly changing sphere of modern technology. We are living at the age of information. And I think that the future is just filled with computers. Today, in England or in the USA people can work, go shopping or even go on dates sitting at their computers. In our country, computers have been used just for a short time. So after finishing school I want to enter the university and study computer science. I know that knowledge is power. I want to be a highly qualified and educated person.


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