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Introduction. We discussed the education system in Russia in the previous lesson

We discussed the education system in Russia in the previous lesson. In general the second and high education in Russia is free, but there are also non-government universities and private schools and a fee-paying form of education at government universities. Today we are talking about the education system in Great Britain.

Look at the photo:

This is the building of one of the oldest universities in Great Britain. It has got the name of the city it is situated in. The history of the university and the city started at the same time in the 12th century as a result of the migration of students. What university is this? What do you know about it?

Find out more:http://www.ox.ac.uk


Active vocabulary


Find suitable definitions to the following words and word combinations, which you learned in the previous lesson:

a person who wants to be a student; sciences that deal with the physical world, considered as a group or as individual subjects such as physics, chemistry, or biology; a school providing education that the children’s parents pay for directly; a school for pupils aged from 6-7 to 17-18; the education, which you get after secondary; general quantity; teaching cost; something, which doesn’t belong to the government; someone who has finished their studies at university or college, usually by getting a degree; a connection between two people, places or facts; obligatory; a company or a person that employs people; elective.


Secondary school, private school, higher education, natural sciences, total number, entrance exam, to pay for tuition, non-governmental, applicant, graduate, employer, link, optional, compulsory; an applicant.



New words

Give synonyms or close meanings of the following words and word combinations and try to pronounce them correctly:

Primary school, comprehensive school, craft, domestic science, woodwork, campus, nursery, tutor, Bachelor degree, preparatory, public schools.



Read the following text to get the information about the education system in Great Britain:


Education in Britain is provided by the Local Education Authority (LEA). Educational planning and organization are not controlled as much by central government as in many other countries.

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