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Curriculum; tuition fee; an applicant; a fresher; department; graduate from; employers; term; scholarship; a graduate.

Доверь свою работу кандидату наук!
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

a person who wants to be a student;

payments for teaching;

successfully complete an academic course;

one of the periods into which the academic year is divided;

a person who gives work, usually for payment;

a course of study in a school, college, etc.;

yearly grant given to a student to continue his study;

a person who has completed the course at an educational institution;

one of several divisions of a university.

a first-year student.


III. Answer the following questions and be ready to discuss the main ideas of the topic:

- Is education at Russian schools and universities free?

- Is there also a fee-paying-form of education at government universities?

- What is the difference between a gymnasium and an ordinary school?

- Why is the competition so tough at government universities as compared with private ones?

- Has the number of students in Russia been increasing lately?

- How do students who graduate from universities find jobs?


IV. Tell briefly about education in Russia.




It is your first day at the university. You try to find out everything about the university, faculty, and curriculum. You meet new people and talk about college life. Use the new words and word combinations from the previous exercise and from the box below and make up dialogues about your study at the university:

to enter the university to graduate from the university total number of students to attend lectures to take exams to fail exams to live in a hostel


You may find the following expressions helpful:

By the way as for me I’d like to know I wonder

I see I’m afraid if I’m not mistaken and what about you

It seems to me that I don’t know exactly



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