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Listening comprehension

I. True or False?

1. Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri, is one of the largest schools in the Midwest.

  1. The new school year begins this autumn and will cost 52 thousand dollars for undergraduates.
  2. Graduate tuition doesn’t differ by the program.
  3. The University doesn’t offer any financial assistance for international students because its resources are limited.
  4. International students may only take out private loans.

II. Answer the questions.

1. What types of schools are there at the university?

2. What is the difference between graduate tuition?

3. What kind of assistance does the university offer to the international students?

III. You are one of the international students, who want to study at this University and needs some information about it. Your partner is the representative of the university staff. Make an interview, using newly learnt words and useful expressions from the previous lessons.

On-line/off-line activity

Find from the Internet additional materials about education in the USA and compare with education in Russia and Great Britain: Divide into two groups and discuss differences and similar features in groups, then express your opinion in class.

Recommended resources:


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