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Find from the Internet resources the information about five universities - the participants of the Tempus Joint European Project:

– Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania, - the Grantholder of the project;

– Dresden University of Technology (DTU), Germany;

– Ural State Technical University (USTU), Ekaterinburg;

– South Ural State Technical University (SUSU), Chelyabinsk

– Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU), Izhevsk.






Lesson 5



New Words

Try to match the words and their definitions given below:

Magnet, overseas, guaranteed, assessed, recognition, cost-effective, degree, scholarships, IELTS, foundation, personalized, emphasis, global job market, guidance, drop out, pass rate, impartial, dynamic, cosmopolitan, fascinating.

coming from abroad, foreign;

evaluated, ranked;

promised and assured;

provides good education for not too much money;

payments from a sponsor's funds to maintain a good student in full-time education;

short for International English Language Testing System. It measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking;

focused on individual students;

basic, preparatory;

special importance;

help and direction;

marks that you need to get in order to begin/continue to study at a university;

fair, unbiased;

when you have to stop your university studies before you have completed your course;

including people of many different backgrounds;

where a lot happens and changes happen quite often;

very interesting, irresistibly attractive;

a thing that attracts (literally, a piece of metal that attracts or repels iron);

accepting that something (e.g. a course) is of high quality;

providing further education;

jobs that are open to people all over the world;

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