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I’m melting!

Must Mother make a mountain out of a molehill?


Everything’s going wrong.

Stop fidgeting, it’s annoying!

Anything damaging in sitting and smoking?

Some Englishmen are murdering King’s English.

Ex.4 Find a way from Start to Finish. You may pass a square only if the word in it has the sound [ŋ]. You can move horizontally or vertically only.



sing think thick strong wrong rung
sign uncle unless drug strange comb
thanks angry signal drank English finger
anxious angel single monkey money young
language tongue skiing skin came ink
lounge danger band dream swim wing


Ex.5 Complete the conversation using the words from the box. Listen and check (A73).


Ex.6 Listen and circle the word you hear. (A74)

1. My friend likes Robin Banks / robbing banks.

2. Tom ran / rang yesterday.

3. She had a swing / swim in the garden.

4. The son warned / sun warmed me.

5. The people were singing / sinking fast.



Vowels: Diphthongs [eı], [aı], [әu]


Ex.7 Listen and repeat.




bay plate eight grey play




bike fly ice-cream wine kite




boat coast bowl toast comb


Ex.8 Practise saying the tongue twisters.


At five on Fridays my wife likes to go for a drive.

I had the time of my life at the Whites.

Haste makes waste.

They waited and waited for a train, but it was late.


Oh, no, don’t go home alone.

No smoking!



Ex.9 These words all contain the vowel sound [ æ ]. Make another word with the same consonant sounds, but changing the vowel sound to [eı].


EXAMPLE pan ___pain___

1. at ___________

2. mad __________

3. man __________

4. plan __________

5. tap __________

6. ran __________

7. hat __________


Ex.10 Reverse the sounds in the following words as in the example.

EXAMPLE The word knife contains the three sounds [n], [aı], [f], if you reverse the sounds, you get the word fine.

knife ___fine______


1. mile _____________

2. file ______________

3. dice _____________

4. sign _____________

5. lights ____________

6. might ____________


Ex.11 Practise the dialogue.

(Joe Jones is sleeping, but Joan woke up a few minutes ago.)

Joan: Joe! Joe! JOE! Hello!

Joe: (groans) Oh! What is it, Joan?

Joan: Look out of the window.

Joe: No. My eyes are closed,

and I’m going to go to sleep again.

Joan: Don’t go to sleep, Joe. Look at the


Joe: Snow? But it’s only October.

I know there’s no snow.

Joan: Come over to the window, Joe.

Joe: You’re joking, Joan. There’s no snow.

Joan: OK. I’ll put my coat on and go out and make a snowball and throw it

at your nose, Joe Jones!



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