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Tapescript 22

[2, 7.2].

Bob:Good evening. My name’s Bob, and welcome to another edition of …Can men cook?

Audience: Yes, they can!

Bob: Well, Belinda, who’s our first guest tonight?

Belinda: This is Colin Davidson and he’s from Bristol!

Bob: Hello, Colin! What can you cook?

Colin: Hello, Bob. My speciality is spaghetti Bolognese.

Bob: And what do you need to make it, Colin?

Colin: Well, for four people you need some spaghetti. About half a kilo, Bob. And then for the Bolognese sauce you need an onion, some butter, a carrot, some mushrooms, some tomato ketchup…

Bob: Tomato ketchup, Colin?

Colin: Yes, that’s right, and you also need some red wine.

Bob: Do you need any meat, Colin?

Colin: Yes, Bob. You need some meat – about 300 grams. And some cheese.

Bob: What kind of cheese?

Colin: Any kind. It doesn’t matter.

Bob: Ok. So those are all the ingredients. The question now is – Can men cook?

Audience: Yes, they can!

Bob: Colin, you have exactly 30 minutes to make us …spaghetti bolognese. And it looks…mm, delicious. Belinda, can you try it for us? Well, Belinda, what do you think of it? Can men cook?

Belinda: Mmm. Yes, Colin, it’s very interesting. I’m sure your wife loves your cooking.

Colin: I’m not married, Belinda. Would you like to have dinner with me?

Bob: Well, that’s all we have time for. Until next week. It’s goodbye from me Bob Keen, Belinda Leyton, and Colin Davidson from Bristol.

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