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Extra task (Internet search). 1. Decide whether you agree with this statement

1. Decide whether you agree with this statement. Explain your answer in comments.

“The marketing concept is not to try to convince consumers that it is what they need and to make them buy it, but to find out what customers want and need and then produce it to meet their requirements.”

2.Look at these two pictures. Which one do you think describes the concept of marketing better? Comment on them. Your answers should not be too long (2-3 sentences).


These tasks are available in Word format at CD. A teacher should place this task at the web-site of the group or his own site. If this is not possible, a teacher may create a group at a social network and place these tasks after each lesson. The teacher should also look through students’ comments and make his/her own. In other words create a discussion on the matter. If the teacher prefers not to use Internet these exercise can be used as extra exercises and he/she may give them to Students as leaflets.

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