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Module Assessment Paper 1

Task1. Replace the words in italics with the words that you have learnt in Unit 1-2.

1. Like many industries in a troubled economy, publishing houses have been forced to reduce (d_______) and trim their expenses.

2. Where marketing divisions still exist, their function is to create (g________) press releases.

3. Marketing divisions assist authors in organizing (a___________) book tours.

4. Today, the production division of a publishing company makes (p_________) the layout, pagination and graphic design tasks on computer monitors.

5. Whether it's a traditional publishing entity, a university press or an e-book distributor, the structure of a publishing company is actually (e__________) the same.

6. The acquisitions component of a publishing house is responsible for searching for (s__________) out commercially viable projects to develop and produce that are consistent with the company's vision.

Task 2. Match the words with their definitions.

1. jeopardize a) the quality of always being the same, doing things in the same way, having the same standards etc. - used to show approval
2. burden b) to risk losing or spoiling something important
3. consistency c) the amount of money that you spend on something
4. press release d) something difficult or worrying that you are responsible for
5. aggressive e) an official statement giving information to the newspapers, radio, or television
6. expenses f) behaving in an angry, threatening way, as if you want to fight or attack someone


Task 3. Written task. Below you can see the organizational structure chart of the company “Globe Publishing”. Your task is to describe the structure of this company and the functions of each department. Use the most common verbs for describing structure and company organisation.

Task 4. What is the main reason for having an organizational structure in a company? Explain your answer.

a) So that everyone knows who has authority over whom.

b) So that everyone knows how functions are allocated and coordinated.

Task 5. Complete the sentences. Use the words from your Student’s book that are used to describe financial trends.

1. As a result of the recession, we have had to __________ the amount of money we spend on book design.

2. There are several competing companies entering the market and this has caused a 20% _________ in prices.

3. Because of high profits last year, the company has announced a salary _________ for all its employees.

4. Last year was a good year for the company and our sales _________ considerably.

5. The recent __________ in overseas investment has been good for the economy.

6. The price of printing services has __________ as a result of transportation cost rise.

7. Economists predict that interest rates will __________ if consumer spending continues to slow down.

8. The ________ in profits is the result of poor management.

Task 11. Case study. Below you can see the graph that shows the number of clients from 2005 till 2011 of a small publishing company “Harmony”. Your task is to describe this graph (around 100 words). Do not be afraid to make some conclusions about the company activities judging from the graph.

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