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Guidance Counselor, Whitman Charter High School, Boston, MA
Sept. 2009 – Present

· Design and teach weekly course for high school seniors on college application process

· Meet individually with students to discuss courses, grades, behavior, college applications, and other issues and concerns

· Maintain contact with parents and guardians of students to develop a network of support and communication around each student

· Implemented use of new data program in the counseling office to help counselors track student progress

Assistant College Counselor, Levine Academy, Boston, MA
Sept. 2007 – July 2009

· Met individually with high school seniors to discuss all aspects of the college application process

· Taught summer courses on college application process to ESL students and their families

· Organized college admission visits to the high school; moderated Q&A sessions and organized student interviews

English Teacher’s Aide, Whitman Charter High School, Boston, MA
Aug. 2006 – July 2007

· Led reading groups with ESL students during class to improve reading and comprehension

· Graded daily homework, essays, and other assignments

· Awarded Outstanding Aide of the Year for excellent work performance

Assistant Teacher,Sunrise Preschool, Saratoga Springs, NY
Sept. 2003 – May 2006

· Worked with ESL children to improve English language skills

· Greeted parents and discussed their children’s progress each day to promote communication between teachers and families

· Assisted teachers in daily activities and projects

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