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Riverbend Inc., 2002-2012

· Senior Management of a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accredited treatment facility. Responsible for all aspects of program management; clinical, administrative, fiscal.

· Responsible for recruiting, orienting, training and supervising 50 staff, was able to reduce staff turnover from 68% to 14% by improving staff orientation and training, professional development, and mid-level management coaching.

· Oversight of all aspects of staff performance; performance evaluation, progressive discipline, mediation of staff disputes and grievance procedures in accordance with state and federal laws.

· Leadership in the setting and achieving of strategic and organizational goals.

· Established training programs for staff in regard to all aspects of workplace performance and professional development.

· Program Marketing, increased annual revenue by 38%.

R. Dykeman Center, 2000-2002

· Administrative, clinical, fiscal and human resources management of a large outpatient mental health center; 60 full time employees and 45 contract employees housed in various locations.

· Responsible for the recruitment and supervision and performance evaluation of clinical, administrative and medical staff.

· Provided training to enhance workplace performance at all levels of staffing.

· Nominated as Training Coordinator for the West Seattle Mental Health Consortium, providing training as the trainer or contracting with relevant professionals to provide training in the areas of culturally relevant services, professional ethics and law, and areas of professional development as requested by staff members.

· Concurrently completed a two-year certificate program in Organizational Development and Leadership as the recipient of a merit scholarship by the Microsoft Corporation.

· Independent Consultant to several small businesses, law firms, non-profit agencies and school districts on staff grievance procedures, team building and the setting and achieving of organizational goals.

Family Reconciliation Services, 1990-2000

· Provided program management of the largest FRS contract in Washington State.

· FRS was responsible for providing in-home crises counseling to families on a 24/7 basis.

· Responsible for the recruitment, orientation, supervision and performance evaluation of up to 45 Master's level clinicians.

· During this 10-year period, increased the ethnic diversity of staff from 0% to 36% and provided more culturally relevant services to the community served.

· Served as organizational and clinical consultant to a variety of organizations including Bellevue School District; Port S'klallam Tribal Health Board; Eastside Mental Health; Renton Area Youth & Family Services; as well as several businesses and law firms.

· Completed the training required to become an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor.

CLINICAL DIRECTOR - Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs
Rogue Valley Medical Center, 1987-1990

· Hired by the medical center to design and implement a residential treatment program.

· Responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all staff; medical, administrative and clinical.

· Responsible for public relations and Program Marketing.

· Developed compensation structure and performance management and employee training and evaluation structures.

· Developed an on-going training program for nursing and clinical staff and served as a liaison between the hospital and the community providing training to community partners; schools, the police department and relevant medical and mental health professionals.

· Designed and brought into existence a family education and support structure for the community.

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