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IYA 1103-GE/EPP Pre-Intermediate

Information about the Instructor:

Instructor: Utelbayeva N.M.

Room: Department of Languages

Phone: 3308566 ex.2016

E-mail: utelbayeva@mail.ru


Prerequisites: Entrance test Pre-Intermediate level

Post-requisites: Business English Intermediate

Course goals: improve students’ general and professional English language/speech skills, to tailor the English language program to the students’ current and future professional needs.

Course objectives:

- basic grammar and professional vocabulary;

- listening: comprehension of spoken language in general and professional contexts;

- speaking: discussion of general and professional issues;

- reading: skimming and scanning of texts of general and professional interest, guessing the meaning of new words and phrases from context;

- writing a paragraph;

- information search, life-long learning, leadership, critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and team work.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course the students will be able to:

- differentiate and use such grammar tenses as: Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous;

- comprehend spoken language in general and professional contexts on such topics as: University life, Family, Arts, Travelling, Soft Skills, A typical PC, Types of computer systems, Input and Output devices, Future Trends;

- speak fluently on the covered issues, express opinion, propose solutions present ideas on the above topics;

- skim and scan texts on the topics under study and guess the meaning of new words and phrases from context;

- understand and apply professional IT vocabulary on the topics studied;

- write descriptive, process, comparison/contrast and opinion paragraphs based on the following topics: “My favorite picture/painting”, “How to develop the soft skills”, “A desktop and laptop PCs”, “Nanotechnologies will change our life completely”;

- compile vocabulary definitions, illustrations and a test on a certain professional topic;

- share responsibilities among project group members, manage the time properly and submit all tasks before the deadline.


Abbreviations (for more detail see p.7 of the syllabus below)

EPP- English for Professional Purposes
GW 2 – Grammar Way 2
TSIS – Teacher Supervised Independent Study
SIS – Students’ Independent Study
TM – Terminological Minimum
PW – Paragraph writing
EITS – English for IT students
TV – Target vocabulary
WP – Writing papers in English

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