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Khmelnitsky University of Management and Law

The University is an acknowledged centre for training specialists in spheres of Law and Management. It was founded in 1992. At present the teaching staff and student body amount to 2000 persons, among them there are full-time, part-time students and post-graduates; they are trained at the departments of Management of Economy and Law.

The faculty of Law trains highly-qualified lawyers who work in the bodies of state administration, in the state security bodies, in the bodies of local self-government, in the bodies of judicature and prosecution and also in justice, in the law-enforcing bodies; they successfully work in the Bar and in the notary’s offices, in the Ministry of Justice.

The teaching staff consists of Full Professors, Doctors of Law, Associate Professors, Senior lecturers and staff lecturers. The staff is engaged in academic research and educational activities at the departments (chairs). Among them there are the following chairs: the department of Theory and History of the State and Law; the department of Constitutional, Administrative and Financial Law; the department of Criminal procedure and criminalistics, etc.

The students of the University attend lectures and tutorials in the fundamental laws of Ukraine, theory of the state and Law, psychology, foreign languages, Latin, Management, Marketing and many other subjects.

The University has the highest, the fourth level of accreditation. The University carries out training according to the following educational levels: a) the Bachelor degree Level; b) the Specialist level; c) the Master Degree level.

Since its foundation the University has sought collaborative opportunities with international organizations and universities for the purpose of expanding and elevating its knowledge in the area of teaching methodologies and management practices.



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